The London No. 1 Tasting Notes

London No .1

Coloured gin could be seen as a marketing gimmick. But have you ever just dismissed it, not really giving it a second glance and presuming it’s going to be cheap and tacky? What ever your answer, let me introduce you to The London No. 1.

12 different botanicals are within The London No. 1, including juniper from Croatia, almonds from Greece, cinnamon from Ceylon, bergamot from Italy, savory from France, coriander from Morocco, angelica root from France, lemon and orange peel from Italy, cassia from China, liquorice from Turkey and lily root from Italy. The combination of these give The London No. 1 its turquoise blue colour. It’s one of only a handful of gins actually produced within London, and is created by Master Distiller Charles Maxwell. He uses grain from both Suffolk and Norfolk to create his small batch gin, for which it is then four times distilled within a traditional copper pot still.

Using botanicals such as bergamot (an ingredient that you would usually find within Earl Grey tea) and the maceration with the gardenia flowers offer The London No. 1 as a unique offering to your gin experience. Far from it being the first blue gin on the market, but it does hit the mark for its purpose – created to echo the complex and full-bodied gins of yesteryear, albeit with a modern twist.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

The London No. 1 – 47%

Fragrant on the nose with aromas of cinnamon and orange coming through slowly. Hints of spice on the palate, with cuts of acidity striking and juicy orange and lemons flowing through. Long, warming and carries on its aromatic adventure.

Not a bad sipping gin at all, but could equally go well within one of these –

New London – Bronx

Glass – 


Ingredients –

35 ml The London No. 1
15 ml Noilly Prat
15 ml Martini Rosso
15 ml Orange Juice
10 ml Red Grapefruit Juice

Method – 

Shake all ingredients together and serve over an ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

For a gin that you may have never seen before, it’s definitely worth a try. Even if it is to show off that you have a blue drink, but at least once you try it, you won’t be remembering those horrible ones you had in your teenager years.

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