Limited Edition BLOOM Gin Strawberry Cup launches in UK


BLOOM London Dry Gin announces the launch of its first Summer Limited Edition gin liquor, BLOOM Strawberry Cup. Master Distiller, Joanne Moore has created a new version of her floral BLOOM Gin by steeping fresh English strawberries in BLOOM London Dry Gin for a delicious taste of summer. The signature serve of BLOOM Strawberry Cup and lemonade, mixed as a long drink, is set to become the perfect drink for summer and lends itself to pitcher serves, as an alternative to other fruit cups on the market.

BLOOM Gin is made in a traditional copper pot still in Cheshire in the oldest gin distillery in Great Britain, which has been producing fine gin by hand for over 250 years. Inspired by BLOOM Gin’s signature serve of a G&T with quartered strawberries, Joanne has combined fresh strawberries with the floral gin, giving a strawberry coloured liquor which can be drunk with lemonade, ginger ale or as an ingredient in cocktails.

BLOOM Strawberry Cup joins limited edition Sloe BLOOM Gin as an extension to the BLOOM range and is available at Spirited Wines, Harvey Nichols’ seven stores, and in Mitchells & Butlers Fine Country Dining pubs across the UK.

Cocktail Ideas:

BLOOM Strawberry Cup Fizz
BLOOM Strawberry Cup Fizz


Serves 4

Add ice and 4 strawberries quartered into a jug or pitcher
Pour in 200ml BLOOM Strawberry Cup
Top up with 400ml good quality lemonade

Serves 1

50ml BLOOM Strawberry Cup
Top with Prosecco or Champagne and serve in a chilled champagne flute


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