‘The Art of Vodka’

A bold statement where one would expect a well-crafted liquid to be in the same manner as a masterpiece within the art world.The bottle itself, adorned with an intricately decorated and rather large, hand crafted crystal encrusted skull, shouts premium, the level of Grey Goose, Crystal Head and Ciroc perhaps. The fact that Iordanov, or “yor-da-nov” as it is pronounced, hails from Germany, it offers a different twist on your usual vodka origins. No Russia or Poland back story in sight, although to be fair lately the trend for vodka is to create a liquid from within the far-flung areas such as Kazakhstan (Snow Queen), Canada (Crystal Head) and New Zealand (Broken Shed).

Iordanov, as mentioned, comes from Germany, or the town of Koblenz which is situated on the Rhine and Moselle rivers to be exact. The distillery is one of Germany’s oldest with over 150 years of activity and it is here that they use 100% fine wheat blended with de-mineralised crystal clear water from the Vogelsberg highlands. From there, a five times distillation method is used before being filtered through charcoal.

But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Iordanov – 40%

A clean nose with sweet tones of butter cream coming through near the end. Incredibly smooth on the palate with a developing heat on the back of the throat, although not intrusive as you would expect. Velvet texture, butter notes with a slight dry, thin finish. Lingering.

Surprising, but what’s more surprising is some of the cocktails that they promote, including this one –

Red Kick
Red Kick

Red Kick

Glass – 


Ingredients –

40 ml Iordanov
20 ml White Rum
40 ml Pineapple Juice
40 ml Cranberry Juice

Method –

Shake all the ingredients together in an ice filled shaker and pour into an ice filled highball glass. Garnish with a column grapefruit and passion fruit.

Personally, I’d stay drinking Iordanov neat, maybe a cube of ice. I think it may get lost if you start adding heavy ingredients to create a cocktail. Saying that, a Martini could work quite well.

Give it a go, let me know what you think. You can also choose between four different designs (silver, red, pink and gold) or search for the Union Jack skull if your feeling flush. Oh and if you are a vodka enthusiast, splash out on a bottle that has 8,300 Swarovski crystals attached to it, coming in at $3,905. The appropriately named Decadence Edition could be a hell of a conversation starter!

Iordanov is a good vodka to enjoy. It certainly tastes up to the standard you would expect for a premium vodka, but I think ‘The Art of Vodka’ tag line could be more to do with the crystal skull than anything. Still, keep an eye out for it in your local bar on your travels in Germany, it’s worth a go for sure.

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