Manchester Whisky Festival 2014


It was to be that time of year again as The Whisky Lounge headed to its Manchester leg of their annual whisky festivals, situated as last year within the Bridgewater Hall. The nature of my job involves trying and experiencing many a whisky, ultimately giving me the opportunity to then utilise these expressions within my work. As was the case last year, the whisky festival throws up an opportunity to me to ‘fill in the gaps’ so-to-speak, and head towards expressions I’ve never had the opportunity to try. So without further-a-do, lets dive into the highlights –

Springbank 15yr – 46%

A good blend of chocolate, almond and toffee on the nose, followed by dried raising, figs and nuts on the palate. Long, warming and plenty of sherry at the finish.

Springbank 18yr – 46%

Rich vanilla and fresh fruits on the nose, with a slight nut aroma following. Thick, plenty of fruit flavours offering a sweet style. Long on the finish with hints of smoke and chocolate.

Kilkerran Work In Progress 6th Release, Bourbon – 46%

Ripe fruit with vanilla and gingerbread on the nose, followed by caramel and chestnut flavours on the palate. Peat notes come through alongside dark chocolate for the finish.

Paul John Brilliance – 46%

Plenty of honey, vanilla and sultana aromas on the nose, before dry spice flavours come through on the palate. Slightly sweet with hints of cocoa and vanilla on the finish.

Paul John Classic – 55.2%

Lots of rich, ripe white fruits on the nose, with hints of barley coming through. Plenty of honey on the palate too with dry spice and a slight dark cocoa flavour creeping through. A juicy finish.

Paul John Edited – 46%

On the nose there’s plenty of chocolate blended with peat and whisps of smoke, both carrying on nicely to the palate with an added sweetness to round it off. A long finish with slight kicks of spice and vanilla.

Timorous BeastiePaul John Peated – 55.5%

Plenty of peat and sugar notes on the nose,combined with ripe fruits and spice upon the palate. Slightly bitter on the finish.

Paul John Single Cask P1 – 163 – 57%

Light sherry and cherry combination on the nose with plenty of sugar notes. A sharp palate with citrus and oak a-plenty before the long, dry spiced finish.

Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2014 – 46%

Plenty of rich peat on the nose, followed by aromas of red berries and citrus. Roasted vanilla flavours on the palate, followed by the peat once again and finishing with sherry notes. A lingering sweetness.

Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014 – 46%

Lots of peat aromas on the nose with citrus and slight vanilla notes following. Lots of fruit on the palate with deep vanilla flavours coming through creating a long finish.

Kilchoman 5yr 2009 Original Cask Strength – 59.2%

Tropical fruit aromas on the nose followed by a vanilla and peat combination. A creamy texture on the palate with honey and vanilla flavours, malt and subtle peat. Long finish.

Singleton Sunray – 40%

Plenty of vanilla and honey combinations, plus hints of dark fruit and apple aromas near the finish. Soft on the palate with a thick texture of honey and malt which offers a warm yet short finish.

Benromach Organic – 43%

Sweet on the nose with plenty of malt and a slight kick of vanilla and banana coming through. Sweet fruit flavours are present on the palate, with a creamy texture, pepper notes and doses of malt with dark cocoa.

Benromach 10yr – 43%

Lots of rich sherry with hints of spice, chocolate and red fruits on the nose. Plenty of raspberries and ripe red fruits on the palate, followed by sherry notes, peat and a malt finish.

Benromach 100 Proof – 57%

Plenty of sherry notes on the nose with rich, ripe apple and pear aromas following. Sweet vanilla also present. Fresh strawberries on the palate, with hints of raspberries and oranges followed by smoky elements. A sweet honey finish.

AuchentoshanBenromach Peat Smoke – 46%

Sweet notes of vanilla and honey on the nose, with citrus aromas present too. Pepper and orange flavours on the palate, with a sweet strawberry also lingering to a wet smoke finish.

Big Peat – 46%

Fresh on the nose with plenty of dried barley and peat notes coming through. Rich, sweet treacle dominates the palate, with liquorice also finding a way through the smoke.

Timorous Beastie – 46.8%

Honey mixed with dry fruits on the nose, with sherry dominating slowly. More dried fruits on the palate with apple and apricots dominating for a long, dry finish.

Provenance Aultmore 5yr – 50%

Rich sherry mixed with dry fruits and spice on the nose. Well balanced with delicate toffee, dried fruit and honey flavours on the palate. Short on the finish with dry pepper.

Provenance Dailuaine 12yr 1999 Sherry – 46%

Dark, rich molasses on the nose with cherry and spice following. Sour fruits and sultanas on the palate, with nuts and pears on the finish.

Laphroaig Select – 40%

A peaty start followed by red fruit aromas on the nose. Slightly dry with almonds present too. Lots of sweet flavours before drying out on the palate with a smoke and peat combination. A rich fruit finish though.

The Macallan Ruby – 43%

Rich, dried fruits on the nose with a slight treacle aroma for a sweet finish. Ginger, orange and nutmeg flavours combine on the palate, turning to oak on the long finish.

Auchentoshan American Oak – 40%

Rich vanilla balances against fresh citrus zest on the nose. Smooth, creamy vanilla on the palate with slight coconut and sweet grapefruit on the finish.

Brandons Gin – 46%

Light, aromatic spiced on the nose with ginger and lemon dominating. Silky on the palate with a dominating blend of ginger and juniper, followed by soft pepper for the finish.

Arkansas Hickory Smoked – 45%

Plenty of smoky bacon on the nose and palate, with brown sugar and wood elements added to the finish.

LaphoraigKavalan – 40%

Aromatic fruits with honey and mango dominating on the nose. Sweet mango followed by spice and a citrus finish.

The Tweeddale 16yr – 46%

Sharp lemon blends with vanilla on the nose, with hints of spice creeping in. Lots of sweetness to begin, with oak elements and fruit creating a dry finish.

Aberlour a’Bunadh Batch 49 – 60.1%

Dry nuts, toffee and treacle aromas on the nose. Sweet on the palate with caramel, toffee and fudge, with a dry treacle finish combining with sweetness.

Longrow Red 11yr – 51.8%

Sweet summer fruits blend with a light peat aroma on the nose. Developing peat on the palate with dry raisin mixing with sweet port flavours. Long red berry notes to finish.
Until next year.

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