What is the purest vodka available in the world? Grey Goose? Belvedere? Crystal Head? Imagine my surprise when Iceberg came to me and mentioned that they are number one, due to the low mineral content of the iceberg water that they harvest in Canada. Always intrigued to find out more, I’ve had a look at their claim and to see what they are up to for the year ahead.

Iceberg has been available in the UK since 2010, and prides itself on being the only company to obtain a licence from the Newfoundland and Labrador government to harvest 12,000 year-old icebergs (naturally detached from Canadian Arctic glaciers) in the North Atlantic ocean, a process that takes 3 months at a time. Ontario sweet corn is used as the base grain, harvested and distilled four times within column stills. From here, it is taken to Newfoundland at 96.7% abv.

The alcohol is run through a basic charcoal pad filter to remove any contamination, then 30,000 litres of Iceberg water is added once it has been pre-filtered from 15 microns to 5 microns before blending. The slow blending of the water with the corn takes 3 days and is filtered overall 7 times. The end product produces a vodka that is free from manmade contaminates and one that is said to be the ‘most naturally pure vodka in the world’.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Iceberg – 40%

Very clean on the nose, with soft hints of the sweet Ontario corn offering a smooth butter aroma. Smooth upon the palate, although a developing sweetness of butter and sea salt comes through to leave a bold, very long and a rather clean finish.

An interesting premium vodka, one that definitely took my by surprise on the first take. Although no signature serves seem to be offered by the brand, I can imagine it would give a great offering for a wet styled vodka Martini. Grab a bottle for a unique vodka experience today

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