Finalists Announced at NRB19 Cocktail Competition with Ms Better’s Bitters

Finalists announced for Northern Restaurant & Bar 2019’s national cocktail competition, sponsored by Ms Better’s Bitters, with the chance to win a VIP visit to Canada with guest shifts in Vancouver and Montreal. Following a series of regional heats, the finalists have been announced for Northern Restaurant & Bar’s annual cocktail competition, sponsored in 2019Continue reading “Finalists Announced at NRB19 Cocktail Competition with Ms Better’s Bitters”


Canada is perhaps not your first choice of country when talking gin. Europe yes, even Oceania and Asia perhaps, but from the UK’s standpoint, whiskey is the tipple most associated with Canada in the likes of Canadian Club and Crown Royal. It’s to a vibrant introduction to my gin experiences then that Ungava comes along,Continue reading “Ungava”

The 86 Company

Bartenders. The lifeline of any country when the serving of drinks is concerned. The connection between bottle and customer. The guys and girls every brand needs to get on their side to really make a splash in the bar world. Welcome then to The 86 Company. The 86 Company was formed back in September 2012,Continue reading “The 86 Company”


What is the purest vodka available in the world? Grey Goose? Belvedere? Crystal Head? Imagine my surprise when Iceberg came to me and mentioned that they are number one, due to the low mineral content of the iceberg water that they harvest in Canada. Always intrigued to find out more, I’ve had a look at theirContinue reading “Iceberg”


The UK has a new whiskey from the US, and it’s landed with fanfare in many of the influential icons of the drinks world laps as the bar trade is scrambling for a piece of what is known as WhistlePig. The oddly named is a straight rye whiskey, and is heralded as one of the best rye’sContinue reading “WhistlePig”

Canadian Club Tasting Notes

I’m guilty. I forget that Canada is also a whisky producing country. I have no explanation for it, it’s just one that i only seem to remember when i come across a brand hailing from the country. To be fair, there are not many brands that can say they hail from Canada, Crown Royal theContinue reading “Canadian Club Tasting Notes”

Crystal Head Vodka Tasting Notes

Ever heard of the legend of the 13 crystal skulls? Found around the world and dated between 5,000 and 35,000 years old, it is said that they were carved over a period of hundred of years, with no reasoning behind them. Many however believe that they offer spiritual powers. Two such men who are fascinatedContinue reading “Crystal Head Vodka Tasting Notes”