The Berry Company

The Berry Company

Drinks Enthusiast is not always about alcohol or distilled spirits, but I try to experience a wide variety of expressions within the soft drink category, as shown with the likes of Zeo and Fentimans. The latest brand to come across me are the new Special Tea varieties from The Berry Company, a venture that bring to you a ‘fruit juice drink range made from all natural berries with no “yucky” bits!’. Their words! But it’s their tea soft drinks that this feature will focus on, so lets see what we need to know about the 5 varieties.

Special Tea – Red Tea with Hibiscus & Cranberry – 0%

Red tea, or Rooibos, is a herb indigenous to South Africa that is blended with cranberry and grape.
Bold notes of cranberry on the nose, with fresh hibiscus coming through well. Soft, light and subtle grape on the palate, with a good combination of the cranberry and hibiscus offering a long finish.

Special Tea – White Tea & Peach – 0%

Coming from the Fujian province of China, the White Tea has been blended with peaches.
Sweet peach aromas on the nose with honey and lemon combining well on the end. Light, floral and delicate on the palate, with the peach offering a scented coat. Natural sweetness is subtle, with a clean, short finish.

Special Tea – Black Tea & Elderflower – 0%

Native to China, the Black Tea has been blended with elderflower and lemon.
Rich yet subtle aromas of elderflower, with a soft sweetness following on the nose. Thick texture on the palate with the lemon dominating over the more lighter elderflower notes. A lingering tartness on the finish.

Special Tea – Yellow Tea & Coconut Water – 0%

A rare type of tea, indigenous to China. Blended with coconut water and lemon,
Rich honey and coconut aromas on the nose, with a thinner texture on the palate. Fresh coconut start, with the lemon cutting through to give a scented and aromatic blend of a finish.

Special Tea – Green Tea with Aronia & Blueberry – 0%

Indigenous to China, the Green Tea has been blended with ariona berry and blueberry.
Soft and scented on the nose with subtle blueberry and ariona. Perfumed flavours of the light berries on the palate, with a slightly dry finish that lingers.

The Special Tea range pride themselves in having no artificial preservatives, colourings, additives, sweeteners or GMO’s, and it makes a difference, with each variation of the teas giving off a wholly natural feel, enlightening the experience some-what. It also offers a different take on the tea culture a little, and can be drunk either room temperature or chilled no matter what time of year. The small 330 ml pouches also make it ideal for lunch or a quick pick-me-up on the go. Give them a go and experience something a little different. 

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