Celebrate National Vodka Day With Finest Call

Finest Call

The origin and history of National Vodka Day is unknown, yet since 2008, bars and restaurants across the globe have been honouring this spirit with events of all kinds.

From classic cocktails to flavoured shots, vodka has been achieveing wide acclaim since the 1940s. Data recently released by Nielsen has found that the category has grown by 4%, reaching sales of £9.9million in 2015. With Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes, creating cocktails has never been easier. Vodka tops the list as being the spirit of choice for many consumers, so adding these cocktails to drinks menus is a guaranteed way to boost sales:


50ml Vodka
75ml/100ml Finest Call Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mix (dependent on size of glass)

1. Shake all ingredients over ice
2. Pour into a Martini glass
3. Stir well for approx. 5 seconds
4. Garnish with a half-moon of orange

Bloody Mary

50ml Vodka
100ml Finest Call Bloody Mary Mix

1. Fill a tall glass with ice
2. Pour vodka and Finest Call Mix into glass
3. Stir gently
4. Garnish with lime wedge and celery stalk

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