888 Tres Ochos

888 Tres Ochos

888 Tres Ochos tequila was founded in an era that ushered in high quality premium brands of 100% blue weber agave tequila. The transition from party shots to elegant sipping tequila started with “Tequilas Finos” being savored neat in a snifter, chilled or on the rocks. It’s with this that 888 Tres Ochos tequila originates in the fertile volcanic soil of the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and is made from 100% tequilana azul weber agave, giving a nod to the taste and quality reminiscent of tequila’s historically crushed by tahona roca.

There’s also a belief that the handcrafted 888 Tres Ochos tequila “captures the heart of Mexico, the pure spirit of 100% agave, celebrates the history of tequila and the philosophy of Asian beliefs”, combining the number 888 within the Asian community as seen as ‘Health, Luck and Prosperity’, symbolizing both the importance and intrinsic value of the numbers “888” in Asian society.

So how do each of the three expressions fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

888 Tres Ochos Silver – 40%

Soft agave notes on the nose, with hints of vanilla and a slight herb note. Very soft upon the palate, with the creamy texture of the fresh agave coming through. Slight butter notes, with smooth sweetened honey flavours on the long finish.

888 Tres Ochos Reposado – 40%

Gently rested and traditionally aged in white oak barrels. Bold honey and fudge notes on the nose, with a sweet agave aromas following. Light upon the palate, thin with a developing dry spice. Citrus flavours come through on the long, lively finish.

888 Tres Ochos Anejo – 40%

Extra-aged in white oak barrels. Very light on the nose, with soft hints of dry agave and slight earthy notes. Very soft, with light kicks of caramel and citrus combining on the palate, turning to a very dry, oaked texture, with a slight charcoal finish.

An interesting set of expressions, with the Silver a surprising sipper, and the Reposado one for any occasion, and would make a fantastic Tommy’s Margarita. The Anejo is one for the sipping crowd too, but lacks the punch that the Reposado gives. A beautiful looking bottle with its slender shape and agave plant label design really stands out on a shelf, and one to be on your back bar or drinks cabinet for sure!


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