Batanga Tequila Launches In The UK From The Orendain Family

The 100% agave tequila from the Orendain family, one of the original founders of the Tequila industry, Batanga is now available to UK wholesalers from Emporia Brands. Established in 1926 by Don Eduardo Orendain, Batanga Tequila is traditionally distilled using 100% agave grown on one estate in the heart of Jalisco in Mexico. The OrendainContinue reading “Batanga Tequila Launches In The UK From The Orendain Family”

888 Tres Ochos

888 Tres Ochos tequila was founded in an era that ushered in high quality premium brands of 100% blue weber agave tequila. The transition from party shots to elegant sipping tequila started with “Tequilas Finos” being savored neat in a snifter, chilled or on the rocks. It’s with this that 888 Tres Ochos tequila originates inContinue reading “888 Tres Ochos”

The Camarena Family

The Camarena Family is one of the most famous and major names within the tequila industry. Here in the UK, they are synonymous with a growing set of brands that are taking a different outlook to the tequila industry and offering an alternative on all three levels of brand leadership. Welcome to Casco Viejo, LaContinue reading “The Camarena Family”

Jose Cuervo

With the career that I have, it is important for me to experience as much as possible so that I am aware of the various expressions, and to target specific audiences with my knowledge. It is with this that I have decided to cover one of the best-selling tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo. BackContinue reading “Jose Cuervo”

Herencia Mexicana Tasting Notes

Herencia Mexicana is a new tequila that is making a stamp on the market here in the UK. Created using 100% blue agave and double distilled, Herencia Mexicana is produced in ‘The Positos Ranch’ or Destilería La Fortuna, which is located in Arandas County in Jalisco, Mexico. ‘The Positos Ranch’ was bought in 1865 by DonContinue reading “Herencia Mexicana Tasting Notes”

Herradura Tasting Notes

Herradura is a tequila distiller located in Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico. It was formally founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained in the family for over 125 years. Not a bad legacy to still have one could say! So how did it all come about for us all to enjoy? After beginning with FélixContinue reading “Herradura Tasting Notes”


Patrón is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. The distinct shape of the bottle, the highly rated liquid produced and the fact that it’s not been around for long makes Patrón one of the most talked-about brands in the world, and it’s done wonders for the tequila category. But what is it exactlyContinue reading “Patrón”

Excellia Tasting Notes

One category that I’ve been enjoying a lot of lately is tequila. I’ve been surrounded by many brands lately and I’ve never once complained. Excellia is one of them. Excellia is the result of a partnership between two men – Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, ground-breaking brand creator and producer (G’Vine gin and Esprit deContinue reading “Excellia Tasting Notes”

Olmeca Tasting Notes

After showcasing tequila recently, I’ve been waiting to try out one that has caught my eye in more the bottle than anything. Once you realise the brand, and the logo, you can understand the link – its name? Olmeca. Olmeca is produced at Destileria Colonial de Jalisco in the town of Arandas, Jalisco in WesternContinue reading “Olmeca Tasting Notes”

Don Julio Tasting Notes

Tequila is another one of those brands that can split opinion right down the middle. As explained when i touched on blended whisky, stigma seems to carry most onto the trend that tequila is there to be slammed down with some salt, lemon and lime. Well i couldn’t agree more. It’s traditional to mask theContinue reading “Don Julio Tasting Notes”