Create Delicious Caorunn Cocktails For Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Cao Violette with packshotCelebrate Mother’s day in style by letting your mum kick back and relax while you make her a delicious gin cocktail specially designed for this special occasion by Caorunn. Caorunn’s wildly sophisticated flavour will transport your mum’s senses away to the magic of Speyside with its rolling hills, highland glens and lochs.

Every sip of this Scottish gin offers a truly aromatic taste adventure through the rugged highlands yet delivers a clean and versatile taste, which means it is perfect to mix into any traditional or contemporary cocktail. For Mother’s Day, try these delicious mixes, devised to create a really special occasion:

Cao Celtic Elixir with packshot
Celtic Elixir

Celtic Elixir

• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 35ml Fresh Clementine Juice
• 25ml Stag Breath Liqueur or Old Pulteney 12-yo
• 15ml Sugar Syrup

• Method: Pour all the ingredients into a chilled mixing glass and double strain through to a Martini or Coupette glass and finish with a seasonal Daffodil flower


• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 15ml Creme de Violette
• 10ml Egg White
• 15ml Velvet Falernum

• Method: Shake the ingredients in a mixing glass before double straining into a Martini glass, garnish with a simple violette flower

Caorunn gin would make a truly personal Mother’s Day gift; it is passionately handcrafted in small batches in a unique Copper Berry chamber by Gin Master, Simon Buley, with his enviable distilling and spirit expertise. The speciality is created by infusing five locally-foraged botanicals including dandelion, heather, Coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry along with six traditional gin botanicals and natural Scottish water. Fresh and floral on the nose, this gin is clean, sweet, full-bodied and aromatic with a long-lasting dry and crisp finish.

The round Copper Berry chamber contains four large trays on which the botanicals are spread. As the vapour passes through the trays it picks up the flavours of all the botanicals in a long, slow process. When it cools and returns to liquid, now gin, the botanicals are firmly embedded in the spirit.

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