Scottish Gin Caorunn Partner with International Fashion Designer

Caouroon 2

The premium Scottish gin Caorunn (pronounced “ka-roon”) is proud to announce a collaboration with multiple award-winning creator of cutting-edge kilts, Siobhan Mackenzie. Siobhan has created a bespoke kilt, the iconic handcrafted Scottish garment, celebrating Caorunn’s contemporary tartan which is officially registered by The Scottish Tartan Authority.

The collaboration will champion Scottish craftsmanship in which designer Siobhan Mackenzie has taken inspiration from the Scottish handcrafted gin Caorunn to create a bespoke kilt.

While the traditional kilt dates to the 1720s, Mackenzie’s extremely eye-catching, contemporary stance, sees her contrast multiple fabrics and colours, leading to unexpected style features. Chiming with her ethos, Mackenzie describes Caorunn as a particularly current brand underpinned by a strong sense of Scottish craft.

Siobhan Mackenzie says: ‘I was filled with inspiration on how to take the Caorunn tartan forward in a way which emulates the beauty aesthetic form of the Caorunn bottle. Master Distiller, Simon Buley’s attention to detail, his commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and the exquisite level of craftsmanship is what makes Caorunn.’

Proudly small batch, handcrafted premium gin distilled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands harnessing pure, natural Scottish water, and is infused with five locally foraged botanicals, being: dandelion, heather, coul bush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berries working in harmony with six traditional gin botanicals.

Caorunn is created personally, in a unique way by Gin Master, Simon Buley. Simon forages local Celtic botanicals on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and expertly oversees the infusion of Caorunn in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. The slow infusion of this chamber sets Caorunn apart.

Simon Buley, Caorunn master distiller, says; “The terroir, the process and the people ensure passion, innovation and tradition are poured into every bottle of Caorunn Gin. We are proud others are able to take inspiration in what we do. I strongly believe in championing Scottish craftsmanship and Siobhan is the perfect example of what makes it so special.”

The unisex Caorunn kilt is formed of a staple black skirt replete with a swoosh of grey Caorunn tartan running through back pleats, finished with a touch of tartan on the waistband and fringe. ‘It can be taken from day to night in a heartbeat,’ says Mackenzie. ‘The daytime look may be teamed with a cashmere sweater, long riding boots and tights; for the evening, it can be paired with black heels and blouse.’ The menswear kilt, meanwhile, may be worn formally with black or grey Argyll kilt jacket and waistcoat, with black kilt socks and shoes, or casually with boots and a polo shirt or sweater.

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Caorunn Updates Its Look With New Bottle And Serves


Approaching ten years at the pinnacle of the premium gin market, Caorunn has released a brand new, British made bottle marrying the fine spirit’s artisan roots with seriously sleek aesthetics.

The bottle represents the five natural Scottish botanicals which surround the Speyside distillery and are hand harvested by Carounn’s Gin Master, Simon Buley. The decanter’s signature pentagonal shape and five-pointed asterisk base, a nod to the Caorunn’s locally foraged botanicals, have been redefined, providing added presence to the eye-catching gin whether it is encountered in a bar or the home of a discerning drinker.
Crafted from extra white Flint glass, the desirable bottle will help assure a new generation of gin aficionados to reach for the clean and crisp, invigorating and distinctly aromatic spirit of Scotland.

Caorunn’s journey of flavour, which sees coul blush apple, heather, dandelion, bog myrtle and rowan berry act in harmony with six traditional gin ingredients and crystal clear Scottish water, adheres to the same, richly acclaimed recipe as when the spirit came to market in 2009. The distinctive taste has helped the gin grow year-on-year to become one of the top five super premium gin brands within the UK (as reported by Nielsen*) which is celebrated daily by judicious drinkers in more than 35 countries.
With an emphasis on Caorunn’s character and modernity, the bottle’s re-design was accomplished by the creative minds at design agency, JDO.

Group Creative Director at JDO, Ben Oates was tasked with evolving the iconic five pointed shape to encapsulate the Scottish Highland heritage with a contemporary edge and elegant design. Graphics Specialist, Ray Smith focused on enhancing Caorunn’s exquisite craftsmanship through embossed details. Production Director, James Davies embraced contemporary labelling techniques with traditional craftsmanship by adding tactility through raised gloss varnishing, profiling the red asterix and placing it proudly at the top of the new 3D structure.

Rachael Engley, Glass Producer at Allied Glass, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire says she is very pleased with the thought provoking production, particularly ‘its exquisite colour’.
Acclaimed drinks culture writer, mixologist and long term supporter of Caorunn, Tristan Stephenson believes the enhanced bottle shape is both ‘beautiful and functional, allowing bartenders to keep the clean and crisp gin close to hand.’ Tristan admires the superb shelf presence and user friendly features ‘which now match the handcrafted, versatile taste, creating an enjoyable drink experience for all involved.’
Meanwhile, drinks columnist and gastronomy consultant, Douglas Blyde rates the ‘natural cork and sense of paired down luxe’ noting, ‘no wonder Carounn feel at home as supporters of London Art Fair.’

The signature for Simon Buley, Caorunn Gin Master, is printed on each bottle of Caorunn to reflect that he alone oversees the entire craftsmanship process for each vessel.
Simon comments: “I am proud to see Caorunn showcased within such an exquisite bottle. The design has taken into consideration the Celtic botanicals foraged on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and how Caorunn is infused in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. The care and attention of the spirit and bottle sets Caorunn apart.”

Below are a selection of new Caorunn cocktails made by renowned mixologist Tristan Stephenson – both his serves are the perfect tipple to have with friends on a cold winter’s night!

Caorunn Cooler by Tristan Stephenson
Caorunn Cooler by Tristan Stephenson

50ml Caorunn gin
150ml Herbal apple soda*
*1 part lemon juice
7 parts apple juice
7 parts green tea
Hot brew the green tea to extract the flavour and tannins, and allow to cool.
Mix ingredients well and chill in a fridge.
Carbonate using a sodastream
Build in a glass
Sage leaf
Fireside by Tristan Stephenson
Fireside by Tristan Stephenson
50ml Caorunn
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Ginger juice
80ml Apple juice
Build in a glass
Honey roasted walnuts
Serve in a highball glass

Whisk Yourself Away To The Magic Of Speyside Apple Orchards In The Heart Of Manchester


On September 30th, Caorunn, the handcrafted Scottish gin, is transforming the Oast House, Spinningfields, into a vibrant urban apple orchard which will offer 500 passers-by a free Caorunn G&T for a truly beautiful crisp, fresh taste of the Highlands.

The urban apple orchard will be brimming with trees for one day during the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. The fragrant fruit is one of the five Scottish botanicals, along with dandelion, heather, bog myrtle and rowan berry, that are infused into the handcrafted Scottish gin. Caorunn is uniquely served with thin red apple slices to create a clean, sweet, full-bodied and aromatic taste with a long-lasting dry and crisp finish.

Caorunn has teamed up with City of Trees to create the beautiful orchard. The charity, is an innovative movement, set to re-invigorate Greater Manchester’s landscape by planting three million trees, one for every man, woman and child that lives in the City Region.

Following its time at the Oast House, Spinningfields, the trees are being donated to Snipe Clough, Oldham, where they will be planted to form part of a new community orchard.

Ibolya Bakos-Tonner, brand manager for Caorunn said: “The Oast House, Spinningfields, is the perfect backdrop to home the urban apple orchard. We hope to brighten up the day of some of the city’s workers, with not just an apple, but a taster of our handcrafted gin during the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.”

“The fact that the trees will remain in Greater Manchester following our event means a lot to us to show our support for the growth of green spaces within urban areas.”

Kevin Wigley, City of Trees, comments: “This is a really exciting project for us to work on and is a chance for gin-lovers to get close to nature in an urban environment.

“We hope this pop-up orchard will show people how trees can really make a space and inspire more urban greening to help transform our cities and towns”

The free Caorunn G&T is only available from the Oast House on the 30th September. The activity is only limited to 500 and can only be redeemed after 13:00.

Head To The Caorunn Distillery This Autumn

summer bbq and packshotThe Caorunn Gin Plant at Balmenach  Distillery, home to Caorunn Gin, is open to the public and gin lovers from near and far will be able to book a tour round the famous distillery to learn about the special botanicals and processes that go into making the much-loved craft gin.

The Balmenach Distillery is a destination quite unlike any other in Scotland; it lies in the heart of Speyside’s rolling hills, with breath-taking views of the highlands. Visitors can learn more about the Scottish botanicals including dandelion, heather, coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry –  which all grow in the surrounding countryside and blend together to create Caorunn’s distinct flavour.

Each batch of Caorunn is passionately handcrafted in small batches by Gin Master, Simon Buley. Visitors will be guided through the craft process used to create the exceptional Scottishgin . Guests on the Caorunn Gin Tour will gain an insight into Caorunn’s artisanal production process through a privileged behind-the-scenes tour of the production area. What’s more, visitors will be given the truly unique chance to discover the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber, which gives Caorunn it’s clean and versatile taste. Built in the 1920s the Chamber is legacy to a time when all gin was produced using this slow, careful process.

The tour includes  an intimate and personal Gin Masterclass, where guests will uncover the history of Scotland’s best loved gin.

The tutored sampling section of the tour is sure to be a highlight, where guest will taste how Caorunn has distilled the essence of the Scottish Highlands into a glass. Visitors will be taken on an aromatic taste adventure and enjoy a deconstructed nosing and tasting session to learn how locally foraged ingredients are used to create the uniquely dry and crisp, aromatic flavour of Caorunn. Caorunn will be sampled both neat and as a classic Caorunn &T, served with red apple to complement its fragrant tasting notes.

There will be one intimate tour each day, for a maximum of six guests. Tours cost £10 per person and start at 11.30am, Monday to Thursday. To make a booking or for more information, please call + 44 (0)1479 874933 or send your enquiry to

Caorunn Have Got Mother’s Day Wrapped Up

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for your mum to put her feet up and enjoy a scrumptious gin cocktail or two.

So why not treat her to a bottle of super-premium Scottish gin Caorunn and show your appreciation by shaking, muddling and mixing delicous drinks for her to luxuriate over. And, best of all cocktails are of course best served shared, which gives you the perfect excuse to shake up a liquid treat for yourself too.

Caorunn - Celtic Elixir Cocktail
Celtic Elixir Cocktail

Celtic Elixir Cocktail


50ml Caorunn Gin
35ml Fresh Clementine Juice
25ml Stag Breath Liqueur or Old Pulteney 12yo
15ml Sugar Syrup
Method: Shake in a mixing glass, double strain into a martini glass

Garnish: Daffodil flower
Glass: Martini/Coupette

Violette Cocktail


50ml Caorunn Gin
15ml Crème de Violette
15ml Jasmine
10ml egg white
15ml Velvet Falernum
Method: Shake in a mixing glass, double strain into a martini glass.

Garnish: A violette flower
Glass: Martini

Caorunn - Pear and Blackberry Bellini
Pear and Blackberry Bellini

Pear and Blackberry Bellini


35ml Caorunn Gin
20ml Pear juice
10ml Creme de Mure
Top with Champagne
Method: Add the Caorunn with the Pear Juice over ice in a mixing jug

Garnish: A blackberry dropped into the glass
Glass: Champagne flute

Create Delicious Caorunn Cocktails For Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Cao Violette with packshotCelebrate Mother’s day in style by letting your mum kick back and relax while you make her a delicious gin cocktail specially designed for this special occasion by Caorunn. Caorunn’s wildly sophisticated flavour will transport your mum’s senses away to the magic of Speyside with its rolling hills, highland glens and lochs.

Every sip of this Scottish gin offers a truly aromatic taste adventure through the rugged highlands yet delivers a clean and versatile taste, which means it is perfect to mix into any traditional or contemporary cocktail. For Mother’s Day, try these delicious mixes, devised to create a really special occasion:

Cao Celtic Elixir with packshot
Celtic Elixir

Celtic Elixir

• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 35ml Fresh Clementine Juice
• 25ml Stag Breath Liqueur or Old Pulteney 12-yo
• 15ml Sugar Syrup

• Method: Pour all the ingredients into a chilled mixing glass and double strain through to a Martini or Coupette glass and finish with a seasonal Daffodil flower


• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 15ml Creme de Violette
• 10ml Egg White
• 15ml Velvet Falernum

• Method: Shake the ingredients in a mixing glass before double straining into a Martini glass, garnish with a simple violette flower

Caorunn gin would make a truly personal Mother’s Day gift; it is passionately handcrafted in small batches in a unique Copper Berry chamber by Gin Master, Simon Buley, with his enviable distilling and spirit expertise. The speciality is created by infusing five locally-foraged botanicals including dandelion, heather, Coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry along with six traditional gin botanicals and natural Scottish water. Fresh and floral on the nose, this gin is clean, sweet, full-bodied and aromatic with a long-lasting dry and crisp finish.

The round Copper Berry chamber contains four large trays on which the botanicals are spread. As the vapour passes through the trays it picks up the flavours of all the botanicals in a long, slow process. When it cools and returns to liquid, now gin, the botanicals are firmly embedded in the spirit.

Caorunn #Forage2Glass

Rowan Berry - Caorunn

This summer a new phase of looking into the reality of a spirit has taken place. I take part in something called the Great British Food Festival, held all over England over the summer months, and regularly promote artisan spirits to an intrigued public. Something I’ve seen become a growing demand for, depending on the venue, is a local foraging walk, usually through the grounds of a stately home that the festival is based at. Here, you are guided around by a known expert in all things plants, giving a great insight into what exactly all those trees, bushes and shrubs growing all around us can offer.
I’m quite intrigued myself when it comes to how things are created, especially in the drinks world. I can appreciate a lot more when I see first hand the time, effort and ingredients used, but these experiences usually come in the form of a distillery tour. I thought though that it would be fairly hard to de-construct a spirit, for example, as you walk around the grounds and follow winding footpaths through fields.

How wrong I could be.

Heather - Caorunn

But it makes perfect sense. Take any gin. A gin receives its predominant flavourings through botanicals. These botanicals need to be sourced from trees, bushes and shrubs. And where would you find these? Take a look outside your window or walk through a park and you’ll bound to see many with something grown on them, ranging from blackberries to juniper berries.
This kind of thinking became the source of a Saturday for me a few weeks back, as Caorunn gin took advantage of the foraging craze and looked to get gin lovers from all over truly appreciating Caorunn’s qualities. Being a Scotland based gin and priding itself to have not only six traditional botanicals, but also five Celtic botanicals from a boreal forest in the Scottish Highlands, at first glance you would find it hard pressed to come across anything, never mind ingredients such as Rowan Berry, Bog Myrtle and Coul Blush Apple. Turns out you can, and a short drive to Rochdale would turn out to prove everyone wrong in stunning style.

David Winnard, local forager and all round expert in all things botanicals, gave myself and several fellow gin lovers a peek into the world of foraging, with only a short walk down public footpaths through the Pennines where he promised to show all five Celtic botanicals growing in full force. And what a start he had, showing off a large collection of Rowan Berry that gives Caorunn its slightly bitter taste (also, Rowan Berry in Gaelic is Caorunn). A slight mythological feel to this botanical too, as it is said they protect against witchcraft and enchantment due to the pentagram underneath each berry. Further up the path, we came across several apple trees. A slight change in the variety here in Rochdale as the Coul Blush Apple used in Caorunn is unique to northern Scotland, but the one’s found here still gave off a crisp, sweet taste, much like its counterpart.

Dandelion is one you will probably all know of, which gives Caorunn it’s more herbal notes within its flavour profile. David also imparted his trivia by explaining that there are 272 sub-species in the UK alone of dandelion. To me, I just never realised that something so well-known had an incredible number of varieties! A soft, sweet botanical was to be pointed out next; Bog Myrtle. A leaf primarily known to be used for insect repellent gives Caorunn its notes of spice. We were quite lucky to see these in bloom as David explained that this site would be the only place you can find Bog Myrtle in the Greater Manchester area.

Bog Myrtle
Bog Myrtle

Lastly, the fifth Celtic botanical to source on our walk would be Heather. Again, something I’ve seen plenty of, but never really click to think it would be used in such a way, in this case giving Caorunn its perfumed honey notes.

Enjoying the day with a blank canvas to begin with gave an enthusiastic drinker as myself the perfect insight into how common ingredients grown right here in the Pennines can contribute towards a well-known brand as Caorunn. It’s fascinating to see, and realise, what potential each bush, tree and shrub can offer to a liquid. Not only gin either, but the likes of fruit syrups, damson and sloe varieties of vodka and gin, and even jelly or jams. I fully understand why the walks at the Great British Food Festival have been popular, and why Caorunn have hosted many of their foraging walks to bartenders in the past few months. They get the public and trade thinking of the flavours used and how best to match them in their recipes, ultimately promoting a different slant on what could be a rather regular drink or meal.

If you wish to find out more about Caorunn, take a look at my feature on the Scottish gin. For more photos of the #Forage2Glass tour, please see my Facebook page.

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Caorunn Wee Pink Rose

caorunn - wee pink roseA new twist on the wine cocktail, this drink is perfect for Valentine’s Day –

Wee Pink Rose

Glass – 

Champagne Flute

Ingredients – 

35ml Caorunn Gin
1/2 Egg white
2 Strawberries
10ml Gomme
15ml Rose gomme
15ml Lemon juice
25ml Sauvignon Blanc

Garnish –

Strawberry segment on rim of glass

Method –

Muddle strawberries well, add the rest of the ingredients and shake well over cracked ice. Fine strain into glass and serve.

Caorunn Tasting Notes

Theres always an interest in small crafted, traditional back-to-its-roots spirits these days. and a Scottish gin has been available for the past few years which has been causing a stir in this particular market – Caorunn.

Caorunn is inspired by Celtic tradition with the use of five Celtic botanicals, a traditional gin plant and handcrafting process. Their unique Copper Berry Chamber is used to infuse the carefully chosen blend of six traditional gin botanicals and five Celtic botanicals. All this happens at the Balmenach Distillery which itself is one of the oldest distilleries in the Speyside region.

As mentioned, Caorunn is a handcrafted, small batch distilled gin controlled by the Gin Master, Simon Buley. A small batch is usually 1,000 litres and use pure grain spirit instead of the more widely used molasses. This is to ensure of Caorunn’s high quality. Once distilled three times, the pure grain spirit is vaporised twice through the round copper framed chamber of the Copper Berry Chamber that was made back in the 1920’s, when gin was produced with a slow process to enable enough time to infuse the subtle flavour of the botanicals. Spreading the 11 botanicals over four trays in the chamber allows the grain spirit vapour to meet the botanicals on a largest possible surface during the infusion process.

The five celtic botanicals used are –

Rowan Berry
Bog Myrtle
Coul Blush Apple
Dandelion Leaf

As well as six traditional botanicals –

Coriander Seed
Orange Peel
Lemon Peel
Angelica Root
Cassia Bark

With these combinations of rather interesting botanicals, it produces a rather interesting gin –

Caorunn – 41.8%

Lively on the nose with lots of floral and citrus aromas dancing well. Rather sharp on the palate when it first hits that develops into a long finish with hints of aniseed that drys a little.

With the dryness of Caorunn, its perfect for many a cocktail including a Martini, Gin & Tonic and this perfect summer recipe –

Caorunn Manzangria

Glass –

Goblet or red wine glass

Ingredients –

50ml Caorunn Gin
Top Fentimans tonic water
25ml Orange juice
75ml Red wine

Method –

Add gin, red wine and orange juice to glass with cubed ice. Stir, add garnishes of tightly tied cinnamon stick, lemon slices, orange slices and apple slices, top with tonic water, then grate nutmeg over the top.

A simple serve that not only looks good, but can also be enjoyed as a punch to share with friends and family.

You can purchase a bottle of Caorunn here, and follow them on Facebook for plenty more cocktail ideas.

Check out more photos, taken at The Circle 360, via my Facebook page.