East Africa is not renowned for their craft rum. Mauritius may be your closest, that at least i’m aware of, but there’s a brand to look out for now that uses heavy East African influence. Welcome to Matugga.

Although not rich in history as it’s a relatively new brand to hit the UK, it doesn’t stop itself from delving into the African heart. Matugga uses the rich, red soils of East Africa that provide high-quality sugar cane and its molasses, resulting in a small batch fermentation and copper pot still distillation process.

The resulting spirit is then matured in English oak casks, but in the case of the Spiced expression, it is also the time to infuse six ingredients and fragrant natural spices, all crafted within the UK.

So how do they fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Matugga – 42%

Plenty of fruitcake on the nose, with hints of the molasses blending with tropical fruits and sultanas. Bold flavours of raisin upon the palate, followed by banana, toffee and caramelised fruits that results in a lingering, soft finish.

Matugga Spiced – 42%

Soft cinnamon bark on the nose, with quinquina and spiced cherry notes coming through. Bold notes of fudge, black pepper and liquorice, creating a warm, relatively smooth finish that offers a punchy end.

Some tasty liquid to sip on a Summer’s evening, but if you’re looking to mix –

Matugga - Leopardess


Glass – 


Ingredients –

50 ml Matugga Golden Rum
30 ml Passion fruit juice
15 ml Fresh lime juice
15 ml Sugar syrup
To garnish: fresh passion fruit.

Method – 

Combine the golden rum, passion fruit juice, lime juice and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Fine strain into a chilled coupette glass and serve garnished with half of fresh passion fruit, placing seeds on the top.

If you’re into your rums, this is one for the cabinet for sure. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to sip, yet can create a cracking cocktail base too, Matugga is for you. Enjoy!

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