The shape and look of a bottle can really define a brand in the modern age, but does the liquid ever hold up to balance out the product? We’ve had Crystal Head within a skull, Mamont shaped like a tusk and 666 portrayed within a Devil likened bottle, but how about an alien head?

Outerspace hails from, well, Outerspace. Via the USA. But mock it all you wish, once you dive in a little, it all makes a bit of sense.

Launched in September 2015 in the USA (hitting 20+ States), Outerspace vodka is a mid-west American grain based spirit (Iowa corn to be exact) that is distilled 5 times, then uniquely filtered through meteorites that are more than 4 billion years old. But what does this give to us? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Outerspace – 40%

Light, thin earth notes upon the nose, with hints of mineral rock. A thicker feel on the palate though, with a slight sharpness to begin that slowly develops into a linger of a vegetal finish.

Not a bad vodka at all, and offers a different slant with the use of the Iowa corn. The flavour does make you think of the meteorites, and of course the look of the bottle does stand out to others. A one-trick pony? Honestly i don’t think so. One to impress and intrigue your friends with, especially when the brand suggests that it’s “best enjoyed by earthlings when released from a cryogenic freezer.”

Expect it to hit the UK this year.

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