The shape and look of a bottle can really define a brand in the modern age, but does the liquid ever hold up to balance out the product? We’ve had Crystal Head within a skull, Mamont shaped like a tusk and 666 portrayed within a Devil likened bottle, but how about an alien head? OuterspaceContinue reading “Outerspace”

E&J Gallo Winery

E&J Gallo is one of the most well-known brands within the wine category here in the UK, and you have no doubt come across one of its expressions over dinner, a gathering with friends or trying one of the many cocktail recipes they like to release to show off its versatility. But what do weContinue reading “E&J Gallo Winery”


The UK has a new whiskey from the US, and it’s landed with fanfare in many of the influential icons of the drinks world laps as the bar trade is scrambling for a piece of what is known as WhistlePig. The oddly named is a straight rye whiskey, and is heralded as one of the best rye’sContinue reading “WhistlePig”

Benchmark Tasting Notes

McAfee’s Benchmark is a premium bourbon, but one that you probably won’t see on your bar travels as much as it probably should. As I’m one for highlighting some of the more ‘forgotten’ brands within my work, I took the time to dig a little deeper for you all. The McAfee’s Benchmark brand was createdContinue reading “Benchmark Tasting Notes”

Create The Berry Gallo For The Festive Season

At the recent Cheshire Christmas Festival, I showcased a variety of Christmas drinks to suit all moods during the festive period. One in particular went down very well over the two days, so I thought I’d recreate and showcase to you all, just in time for the holiday season! Berry Gallo Glass – Wine orContinue reading “Create The Berry Gallo For The Festive Season”

Skyy Tasting Notes

The USA are probably well-known for their whisky and bourbon more than anything else. But some of the other drink categories are making a charge, with gin names such as No. 209 and Death’s Door coming over the Atlantic, as well as wine brands such as Firesteed and Napa Cellars and craft beers Brooklyn andContinue reading “Skyy Tasting Notes”

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is a brand that is a staple to many a bar around the world. But what makes it so? I mean, have you ever tried it? Neat? A cocktail maybe but as a huge believe in trying a spirit before you mix, this is a brand that should always come under this rule. ButContinue reading “Woodford Reserve”

Southern Comfort Tasting Notes

Southern Comfort is a brand that everyone knows. Go to any bar and you will see it showcased with your favourite mixer or blended into a cocktail. But have you ever tried it straight? Over a couple of cubes of ice? It’s a rarity you ever hear this spirit called over a bar to be drunkContinue reading “Southern Comfort Tasting Notes”