Cellar Trends Expands Portfolio

Family run distributor, Cellar Trends, is set to continue its successes in 2016 with the addition of two brands to its ever-expanding portfolio. From the 11th April, Cellar Trends will handle all sales, distribution and marketing for Underberg® and Grasovka Vodka, joining the wider Underberg portfolio of Asbach, XuXu and Pitu which CT have distributed since 2013.


Made from aromatic herbs and spices from 43 different countries, Underberg is an all-natural, sugar-free digestif, best known for its unique 2cl bottles, wrapped in brown paper. Typically served following a meal, Underberg’s balance between herbal ingredients and alcohol gives the spirit its soothing properties. The unique recipe was developed in 1846 by Hubert Underberg under the motto ‘Semper Idem’, meaning ‘always the same’, which is testament to its long-lasting consistency.

GrasovkaGrasovka Vodka

Following the introduction of Beluga Vodka to its range, Cellar Trends will be broadening its vodka collection with the addition of Grasovka Vodka. Comprising of Polish grain vodka infused with bison grass, the spirit is strained through a bed of dried grass several times, resulting in a naturally flavoured vodka which requires no additional colour or additives. To recognise its unique flavour, every bottle of Grasovka contains a blade of the grass reflecting the spirit’s origins.

Sales and Marketing Director at Cellar Trends, Terry Barker say: “We’re delighted to announce the addition of these brands to our portfolio and we look forward to helping Underberg and Grasovka strengthen their footholds in the UK market. Both brands offer such a unique taste and with their exceptional heritages, we are sure they will add a new dynamic to our portfolio.”

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