Little Red Door Pop-Up at Callooh Callay’s JubJub Bar

Remy Savage and his team from Parisian bar Little Red Door will be hosting an exclusive showcase of their new Evocative Menu at Callooh Callay’s JubJub Bar from Wednesday 20th – Sunday 24th April.

Launching in Paris on the 18th April, the menu explores the evocative nature of flavours and whether we all share similar feelings when exposed to different sensory stimuli. Composed of 11 works of art created by international painters, sculptors and creatives, the menu offers visual representations of the emotional imagery evoked by each of the 11 distinctive cocktails. Guests are invited to discover a drink not by name, nor description – which can be laced with personal preconceptions – but by unique artistic interpretations, allowing a true multisensory experience.

An exclusive opportunity to sample the menu’s offering in London, walk-in tables will be subject to availability 7pm – 9pm, whilst reservations for 9pm onwards can be made from 14th April onwards by emailing:

T: @LRDParis @Callooh_callay
IG: @lrdparis @calloohcallaybar



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