London’s First Dry Aged Cocktail Comes To Soho Steakhouse MASH

MASH Steakhouse
Soho Steakhouse MASH has launched a “dry-aged cocktail” – a drink infused with the fat of their signature dry-aged Danish meat.

Inspired by their love of the meat MASH serves, the bar team headed to the kitchen when it came to developing the new drink. Fat washing – infusing spirits with the fat from substances such as butter, peanut butter or even chorizo – is a trend that has been around for a few years, and fat is, naturally, in great supply in a steakhouse.

“We all love steak, obviously, and we wanted to bring it to our cocktails. We went to the chefs and they suggested the dry-aged meat because it’s so distinctive, and never really been done before,” explains head bartender Miro Panos. He knew immediately they were onto a hit.

Dry aged meat takes on its deep flavours as the meat’s moisture evaporates, leaving a strong, almost gamey taste. In the Danish Crown, this is balanced out with the botanicals of Genever (gin’s ancestor) and Lillet Rouge, but the final touches come from game’s best friend: dark berries. Crème de cassis adds a deep, fruity and sour flavour that sets off the flavours perfectly.

Just like MASH’s Danish steaks, the cocktail is garnished with thyme. It is available at the bar and the team recommend it for an after-dinner treat – or as a substitute for a steak itself.

MASH’S Dry Aged Meat
· Danish meat is dry aged for approx. 90 days,
· The process starts in Denmark, to make sure it is suitable for dry-ageing and has enough marbling
· The meat finishes ageing in MASH’s in-house meat lockers
· Each day, the chefs cut individual steaks & remove all of the decayed meat

Fat-Washing: A How-To
· Step 1: infusing the spirit with the fat (in this case, Genever)
· Step 2: freeze the whole thing, so that the fat separates from the liquid
· Step 3: Double strain through muslin cloth – so there’s no actual fat in the drink

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