Everyone Has An Opinion But Yours Is Right, Right?


Do you think Laphroaig ® tastes like “a seagull’s armpit”? Who are we to say no. Laphroaig ® is a divisive single malt. You either love it or hate it – you are rarely indifferent. We have never shied away from strong opinions and actively welcome them, positive or negative. For one week only, Laphroaig ® will project the opinions of its fans and foes from around the world onto the wall of its famous Warehouse No.1 distillery on the shores of Islay, Scotland. Tweet your description between 11 – 15 October 2016 using the hashtag #OpinionsWelcome for the chance to share your opinion with the world.

Remaining true to its award-winning #OpinionsWelcome™ campaign, the Big Opinions live projection will not only welcome but fearlessly and publically champion the strong opinions that make Laphroaig® such a divisive liquid across countries far and wide from around the world.


This October, Laphroaig® is calling whisky drinkers from all corners of the world to proclaim their love, announce their distaste or describe exactly what Laphroaig® makes them feel in their own off-the-wall, weird and wonderful words. The most imaginative opinions will be selected to appear in a large-scale live twitter projection that will showcase the author’s Twitter handle and opinion on the distillery’s world-famous Warehouse No. 1 wall. From “surfing a burning oak tree in a hurricane” to smelling like “the flames of a dragon extinguished by the sea”, those who have tasted our dram never fail to share their honest and inventive opinions.

Those selected to feature in the Big Opinions projection will receive a photograph and video of their opinion displayed on Warehouse No.1 to share with friends via Laphroaig’s Twitter page. The spectacle can be watched live at http://www.laphroaig.com/opinions, where every post throughout the 5-day event will be captured, showcasing just how contentious Laphroaig® can make us all.

Tweet your opinion to #OpinionsWelcome from 11 – 15 October 2016 for your chance to be featured on Laphroaig’s iconic Warehouse No.1, on Islay

#OpinionsWelcome™ is an open-armed invitation to all to express their feelings on this divisive whisky. Big Opinions gives the public the chance to voice their opinions to the world. Be candid. Be real. Let creativity run riot.

Visit the Laphroaig® website to find out more: http://www.laphroaig.com/opinions



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