24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 3

Day 3 is here! With vodka and gin based cocktails starting us off, it’s the turn of the liqueurs and Amarula.   Day 3 – Amarula Dusky Decadence – Amarula Glass – Highball Ingredients – 160 ml Amarula Cream 2 Tbs crushed brownie or (Chocolate biscuits) 2 Tsp Hazelnut liqueur 2 Tsp Orange liqueur 30 ml Peppermint LiqueurContinue reading “24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 3”

Amarula Tasting Notes

Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa and uses the unique fruit of the Marula tree. Marula is an exotic fruit found only on the sub-Saharan plains of Africa, where it grows in the wild for just a few weeks of the year. Harvesting of the fruit, ripened under the African sun, happens at the height ofContinue reading “Amarula Tasting Notes”