A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature

Hendrick’s Gin will be attending The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival from March 24th – 1st April.

Visitors to Hendrick’s library within the tented Village at Oxford Literary Festival will be invited to contribute a most unusual libation-inspired story to the Library’s ever evolving collection of curious literary tales.  Participants will be rewarded for such endeavours with a Hendrick’s tipple.

Hendrick’s will also be hosting A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature, Saturday 24th March 6pm (Grand Hall) at Oxford Literary Festival.

Hosts: David Piper and Duncan McRae

“I like to have a martini, Two at the very most. After three I’m under the table, after four I’m under my host.” So said Dorothy Parker.  Gin has fuelled legendary writers, unforgettable characters and gripping plots.  Come and enjoy some especially enlightening extracts and sample specially mixed Hendrick’s cocktails.  All drinks included.

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Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne

So yesterday was that most unusual day where women had the opportunity to propose to their partners. Over the past month, Hendrick’s have taken advantage of this peculiar time by running the ‘Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest’ and ‘School for Scoundrels’ at bars around  the country, teaching the aspects of how to woo your man, or how to counteract your ladies advances. The school exam culminated to one day – Wednesday 29th February, where on the banks of the River Thames, Hendrick’s throne was set up for the chance to propose, with a Hendrick’s cocktail thrown in for good measure!

By all accounts it was a great success, with couples enjoying the peculiarity of the day, and the odd choice of venue with the back drop of Big Ben. But then again, what did you expect from Hendrick’s?!

Click here for more pictures from the proposal throne!

Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne

Make a Leap of Faith next Wednesday 29th, on Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne…


On the 29th of February each leap year, the normal rules of courtship are reversed, and women may freely pursue and propose to gentlemen of their choice.

The number one piece of advice for ladies looking to obtain their desired gent’s hand in 
marriage is to conduct their proposal in public – no self-respecting ROTTER would 
tarnish their reputation by leaving a lady so helplessly adrift.

HENDRICK’S PREPOSTEROUS PROPOSAL THRONE will be popping up in London, inviting ladies across the city to get down on one knee and perform the duly deed of proposal at the following locations throughout London:


Wednesday 29th February

0900 – 1030: Lambeth, Embankment (Corner of Lambeth Bridge / Lambeth Palace Road) Lambeth Bridge SE1 7SG

1245 – 1415: Potters Fields Park (off Tooley St / Potters Field) London Bridge SE1 2


We invite you to share this momentous day and be captured in a most unusual cucumber & rose picture at London’s iconic locations.

Whether you’re a lady who wishes to woo your man to the alter, or a gentleman wishing to retain your liberty, Hendrick’s Gin has also created a series of tips to prepare you for this topsy-turvy time of year – see them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/theunusualtimes


Do remember to follow the adventures & most unusual proposals @hendricksginuk #ProposalThrone

Sailor Jerry + Jeffrey West | Stewed, Shoed & Tattooed


Sailor Jerry and Jeffrey West Launch Limited Edition Shoes for Selfridges

Renowned British Shoe Brand Jeffery West, have entered their 25th year and have began celebrating this anniversary by creating a pop-up store in collaboration with Sailor Jerry and Selfridges entitled ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’.

On the 7th February, Jeffery West will launch the ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ pop up display in the Men’s Shoe Department of Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street Store. The collaboration involves utilising the creative flair of highly respected artist Aasen Stephenson from design brand Deathhouse, who will be ‘tattooing’ or etching into a shoe for any customer that purchases a pair of Jeffery West shoes over the 4-week period.

Sailor Jerry embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.” The concept behind Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed honours a legendary piece of ‘Sailor Jerry’ flash that harkens back to the days of sailors spending their shore leave on Honolulu’s iconic Hotel Street. Sailor Jerry Spiced, the rum created to honour the legacy of Norman Collins, is a straight-up, no nonsense, old-school rum, blended the way it should be, bold and smooth.

The Jeffery West ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ Pop-Up will be in-store at Selfridges from the 7th February until the 6th March. To book in a specific time or ask any stock specific questions please call the Selfridges Shoe Department on 0207 318 2366.