AFWS Wines of Portugal Tasting

Last week, the Academy of Food and Wine hosted alongside Wines of Portugal a masterclass at Manchester’s Malmaison hotel, with the chance to try out a range of the New World wines that are slowly hitting our shores. Hosted by Joe Wadsack, a freelance wine professional, former columnist for The Daily Express, presenter on SaturdayContinue reading “AFWS Wines of Portugal Tasting”

Malmaison’s ‘Toast to the Roast’ at Smoke Bar & Grill

I was given the opportunity to try out Manchester Malmaison’s Sunday offering of ‘Toast to the Roast’, housed in their recently opened Smoak¬†Bar & Grill. Never one to pass up on an opportunity to dine in one of Manchester’s premier hotels, myself and a friend opted for an early time slot and enjoyed a drinkContinue reading “Malmaison’s ‘Toast to the Roast’ at Smoke Bar & Grill”

Johnnie Walker Tasting Notes

Tonight, the Manchester branch of the Malmaison hotel chain hosted an insight into one of the worlds best-selling blended malts – Johnnie Walker. Hosted in their exclusive Ember bar, and by a gentleman ironically named Johnnie Walker, himself a former craftsmen cooper and now a Director of Wine and Spirits for Malmaison, the seven ofContinue reading “Johnnie Walker Tasting Notes”