Glen Moray Celebrates Their 120th Anniversary Year

120 years of single malt whisky making history at the Glen Moray distillery, at the heart of Scotland’s Speyside region, is celebrated throughout 2017. The first drops of spirit ran from the copper pot stills at Glen Moray on the 13th September 1897. Over the last 120 years, just five men have had the honourContinue reading “Glen Moray Celebrates Their 120th Anniversary Year”

Té Bheag Tasting Notes

A friend of mine was given a small miniature of a Gaelic whisky named Té Bheag (40%), or ‘the little lady’, and I with a traditional name like that, I was intrigued to try it! A blended Scotch from the West Coast (with more than double the malt content of most standard blends), it contains mixes from Islay, Island, Highland and Speyside malts aged fromContinue reading “Té Bheag Tasting Notes”

Compass Box Whisky Tasting at Kro 2

It’s been that time of month again at Kro 2 with their monthly whiskey tasting and this time incorporating the whiskies of the independent Scottish company Compass Box.   Again for those of you who don’t know what Kro Bar is, they’re a Danish family business who specialise in Danish food and beer. A popular idea inContinue reading “Compass Box Whisky Tasting at Kro 2”