Magellan Gin Tasting Notes

Have you always wondered if gin was practically colourless? Well Magellan gin will give you a surprise. Using the inspiration of Ferdinand de Magellan in 1519, who circumnavigated the world to explore the ‘spice islands’ and the several barrels of cloves that were brought back, the Magellan gin is hand crafted in small batches usingContinue reading “Magellan Gin Tasting Notes”

Blue Gin Tasting Notes

After noticing Blue Gin being promoted in Harrod’s during my last trip to London, I’ve finally been able to add this Austrian spirit to the Drinks Enthusiast gin category. So how does Blue Gin differ from other brands? Using the wheat variety ‘Mulan’, grown from fields in upper Austria, it is distilled twice in aContinue reading “Blue Gin Tasting Notes”