Florence Cocktail Week Returns In May For Its 4th Year

Following the success of its past editions, Florence Cocktail Week (FCW) will make its return from the 6th to the 12th of May. Founded and organized by Paola Mencarelli and Lorenzo Nigro, the weeklong event dedicated to mixology “Made in Florence” serves up a sundry calendar consisting of master classes and night shifts, featuring Italian and international guests,Continue reading “Florence Cocktail Week Returns In May For Its 4th Year”

It’s Negroni Week!

It’s Negroni Week this week, so here’s some inspirational ideas for you to enjoy in style! Bottled Negroni Bar Termini: Superiore, Rosato & Classico by Tony Conigliaro Rosato Negroni: Rose Petal Infusion Superiore Negroni: Pink Peppercorn Infusion The latest bar from internationally renowned drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro has an impressive list of house Negronis, includingContinue reading “It’s Negroni Week!”

Martini Tasting Notes

Carrying on with my latest trend of researching vermouths, I turn my attention to a well-known brand which graces nearly every drinking establishment in the world – Martini. Martini is an icon, and whether you savour it on its own, or utilise within the likes of a Manhattan or Martini, you can’t deny its internationalContinue reading “Martini Tasting Notes”

Campari Tasting Notes

A classic brand that I’m sure everyone has come across at some point is Campari. But what makes this brand so well-known? Campari was created in 1860 by Gaspare Campari in Novara, Italy. Bitter Uso Olanda, as Campari was initially called, was the result of Gaspare’s experiments concocting new beverages. The real change was having aContinue reading “Campari Tasting Notes”

Cocktail Of The Week – The Great British Negroni

It’s that time of the week to get a little British inside of you via a classic gin cocktail, courtesy of David Coveney aka The Spirit Cellar, the Negroni. Simple and easy to create, using two new and highly talked about spirits. The Great British Negroni Glass –  Rocks Ingredients – 50 ml Williams ChaseContinue reading “Cocktail Of The Week – The Great British Negroni”

Blue Gin Tasting Notes

After noticing Blue Gin being promoted in Harrod’s during my last trip to London, I’ve finally been able to add this Austrian spirit to the Drinks Enthusiast gin category. So how does Blue Gin differ from other brands? Using the wheat variety ‘Mulan’, grown from fields in upper Austria, it is distilled twice in aContinue reading “Blue Gin Tasting Notes”


Hayman’s. A name etched into the history of gin, but perhaps not your normal ‘go-to’ gin brand when hunting on the shelves of your local supermarket. Hayman’s is seen more as the silent assassin. They don’t shout, but ask any bartender and they will love at least one of the expressions that Hayman’s create, and beContinue reading “Hayman’s”