Broker’s Tasting Notes

A gin, specially blended to be dry with an image driven to literally tip the hat to the gin craze of England. Broker’s does just that, the brain child of Martin and Andy Dawson. Broker’s has also won more top awards in international competitions over the last ten years than any other gin. But we’reContinue reading “Broker’s Tasting Notes”

Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester Review – 2013

This week I had the chance to experience Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. Not a new venture for me as you can see here, but a welcoming return as this is one of my ‘Manchester Gems’. Invited to try Hard Rock’s Legendary Burgers and sample the cocktails on offer, myself and my girlfriend (who weContinue reading “Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester Review – 2013”

Blue Gin Tasting Notes

After noticing Blue Gin being promoted in Harrod’s during my last trip to London, I’ve finally been able to add this Austrian spirit to the Drinks Enthusiast gin category. So how does Blue Gin differ from other brands? Using the wheat variety ‘Mulan’, grown from fields in upper Austria, it is distilled twice in aContinue reading “Blue Gin Tasting Notes”