Fishermans Retreat Whisky Festival Review

The Fisherman’s Retreat, set in the Lancashire countryside near the small town of Ramsbottom, hosted a selection of fine drams one crisp Saturday a few weeks back. With a mixture of well-known names and rare editions, the entourage of myself, Manchester Whisky Club founder Andy, and fellow member Christina had been looking forward to thisContinue reading “Fishermans Retreat Whisky Festival Review”

The Macallan Tasting Notes

Over the years I’ve experienced a brand across many events and tastings, and it only seems right to combine what I’ve learnt into one piece, so without further ado, I give to you The Macallan. In 1824 Alexander Reid obtained one of the earliest licences to distil whisky and leases eight acres from the EarlContinue reading “The Macallan Tasting Notes”