Isla Ñ Tasting Notes

Isla Ñ

Isla Ñ Rum is a new breed of rums coming from countries you don’t usually expect this Caribbean based category to originate from. Isla Ñ is created and produced in Tucuman, a subtropical sugar-producing area in the northern region of Argentina. The brand was founded to re-create old-time distilling techniques with world-class raw materials. Appropriate then that Tucuman is in the heart of  the sugar producing area in Argentina.

The distillery has been designed to produce rum in a very slow and defined process to create a higher quality rum where they can control and choose the perfect rum. Isla Ñ also use traditional copper stills instead of the usual stainless steel that the larger distilleries use. The copper is said to give the rum a ‘discernible better flavour’, despite being more expensive and difficult to maintain.

Isla Ñ is produced in batch distilling, maturing the heart of the cut in fresh, new French oak barrels.

There are currently two expressions out in the UK, so below I give to you my tasting notes –

isla nisla Ñ White – 40%

Lots of powerful aromas of vanilla on the nose, but does smooth off as it reaches the palate. Vanilla is the dominant flavour with a surprisingly long offering of bittersweet coconut.

isla Ñ Gold Reserve – 40%

Mix of toffee and fudge on the nose that does smooth out nicely near the end. A slight burn on the tongue to begin with and has a thin water texture to it. Honey flavours appear but it’s a rather short offering.

isla Ñ Dulce de Leche Liqueur – 15%

Bringing rum and Dulche de Leche together by simmering milk, sugar and vanilla then blending with isla Ñ gold. Rich on the nose with plenty of cream and coconut aromas coming through. Velvet smooth on the palate with citrus rum coming through slowly. Coconut makes an appearance with over-proof rum notes dicing a little. Short.

A little different to your average rums, but how would it compare in a cocktail?

A Lady With No Name
A Lady With No Name

A Lady With No Name

Glass –


Ingredients –

40 ml isla Ñ Gold Reserve
12.5 ml Liquor 43
1 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
5 Cardamon pods

Method –

Dissolve the sugar in a small amount (15ml) of Isla Ñ Gold Reserve. Add ice to mixing glass then add the rest of the ingredients. Stir, sieve and serve straight up with a zest of orange.

Not a bad idea for a cocktail. Possibly one to look out for when Isla Ñ starts to hit the back bars of your favourite cocktail venue. Give it a go!

Check out more photos, taken at The Circle 360, via my Facebook page.

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