Fever Tree With The Ultimate Gin And Tonic Tour

Gin and tonic. One of the most easily recognisable drinks in the world, and very easy to replicate. Made at home, at your favourite bar, by your mum, gran, bartender or waiter, there’s nothing you could do wrong with the creation of a gin and tonic. Or is there? Fever Tree, a brand that hasContinue reading “Fever Tree With The Ultimate Gin And Tonic Tour”

Cocktail of the Week – Akashi-47

Another instalment from David Coveney of The Spirit Cellar, with this cocktail taking inspiration from Harry Johnson’s Black Thorn. Akashi-47 Glass –  Coupet Ingredients –  40ml of Monkey 47 35ml of Akashi-Tai Umeshu 4 Drops of Chartreuse Elixir Flamed Lemon Zest A crucial part of this drink is to flame the lemon zest just beforeContinue reading “Cocktail of the Week – Akashi-47”