Cîroc Tasting Notes


Everyone loves something a little different. Whether it’s a unique style of gin, or a wine from a new country, or maybe an ale that takes it that little bit further, but perhaps one of the more unknown differences in the drinks world is the varieties of vodka. Most vodkas are created using a grain of some sort – wheat, corn, potato etc, but there is one vodka in the world that is created using something that only a handful of spirits need – Cîroc.

Cîroc is created using frozen grapes. Mauzac Blanc from the Gaillac region of France, and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region to be exact. Cîroc is distilled five times distilling each grape separately before blending the two together and distilling for a fifth time. The first four distillations of the Ugni Blanc grape take place within a stainless steel column still, whilst the Mauzac Blanc grape is distilled within a copper continuous still. Once finished, they are then blended together (a recipe of 95% Ugni Blanc and 5% Mauzac Blanc) and distilled for a fifth time in a Armagnac style copper pot still.

The name is derived from the combination of two French words, ‘Cime’ meaning peak or summit-top and ‘roche’ meaning rock. Launched in 2003, Cîroc struggled in sales until the collaboration with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs brought the brand into the celebrity light in 2007 and is now quoted as being the second best selling ultra premium vodka in the world.

So how does this ultra premium brand fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Cîroc – 40%

Soft, clean nose but a slight roughness on the palate. Slight flavours of grape with some sweetness coming through. A little warming near the lingering finish.

Not a bad tipple, and one that can go simply with the following –

CÎroc Diddy
CÎroc Diddy

Cîroc Daddy

Glass –


Ingredients –

50 ml Cîroc
50 ml Lemonade

Method –

Combine the two ingredients in an ice-filled glass and stir. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

There are three other flavours to choose from in the Cîroc range including coconut, red berry and peach, and expect to see them frequent your more high-end bars in the city. Although that shouldn’t stop you from stocking up yourself for your own drinks cabinet.

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