Dodd’s Gin Tasting Notes

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The London Distillery Company is one of only five London distillers and is London’s first whisky distillery since Lea Valley closed over a century ago. Dodd’s Gin is the first gin to come through its doors since its founding year of 2011 between Darren Rook and Nick Taylor. The story and inspiration to the companies release of Dodd’s Gin however stretches a little further back, way back even, to the year 1807.

Ralph Dodd, an 18th century born entrepreneur and engineer, formed The Intended London Distillery Company in 1807 and within his business prospectus, he detailed his commitment to produce Genuine British Spirits. Ralph Dodd started by opening public subscriptions for transferable shares to raise capital of £100,000, divided into 2000 shares of £50 each. Premises were purchased and managers and other officers were employed, including both known malt distiller Mr Carr and chief rectifier John Taylor. However, no attempt was made to obtain incorporation and a solicitor was engaged to draft a deed of trust. This proved to be an error and in 1808 criminal action was taken against Dodd for the promotion of a scheme for a company with transferrable shares in violation of the Bubble Act. Dodd decided to dispute this legal action but ultimately lost the case in 1812 resulting in the dispansion of The Intended London Distillery Company. As Ralph Dodd never quite fulfilled his visionary project, his aspirations are finally being realised over 200 years later by the separate company but the also closely named The London Distillery Company.

Dodd's Gin
Dodd’s Gin

The gin itself is made with organic botanicals including juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, cardamom, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel and honey from The London Honey Company. A significant proportion of the ingredients are first distilled in ‘Christina’, a traditional 140-litre copper alembic, with the more delicate botanicals being reserved for ‘Little Albion’, The London Distillery Company’s state-of-the-art cold vacuum still.  The two spirits are then married for several weeks before being hand-bottled and labelled by the team at the distillery.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Dodd’s Gin – 49.9%

Subtle juniper on the nose with fresh raspberry lingering around near the end. Warm on the start of the palate, developing a slight spice with honey thick texture. The juniper is more dominant alongside dashes of lime zest. Short, sharp bursts on the long finish.

A great gin, and one to just savour on its own. No need to add anything to it, just sip! Worth a purchase, and a nip if ever seen in your local bar.

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