Vogue’s Fashion Night Out at Frog Flowers Review

Susie - Vogue

Fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue came to Manchester last week with their Fashion Night Out event being held for one night only, collaborating with the likes of Manchester heavyweights Selfridges and Harvey Nichols as well as stores such as DKNY and Top Shop. With various drink brands coming on board to showcase their names with fashion designers, I took notice of something a little more intimate.

Frog Flowers is located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, away from the usual trendy places like Deansgate and King Street. Offering Manchester a unique experience in the art of flowers, the florist used its innovative and contemporary ideas that utilised a wide range of flowers & foliage. Working alongside them were Jean Jackson Bridal Wear, a South Manchester staple since the 1980’s. In return, a stunning boutique setting over three floors. Its ground floor offered me the most delight though as Manchester bartender and fashion icon in her own right, Susie Wong, offered her services to create for Frog Flowers three Vogue themed cocktails – Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. The 60’s icons were immortalised in Susie’s creations, with each recipe written on a Vogue magazine cover instead of a menu adding the glamour touch.

Susie Wong
Susie with her Penelope Tree creation

Penelope Tree came in the form of a relatively new gin, City of London, built with The Bitter Truth Violette liqueur, tonic bitters and topped with grape soda. A recipe that Susie took with her to London after impressing the judges at the recent Bitter Truth cocktail competition held in Manchester, she took great pride in showering her creation with glitter and flowers to really set the scene for the evening. Another of her creations, Jean Shrimpton, again had a gin base of City of London, but this time shaken with Cointreau, Blossom Syrups Strawberry and cranberry juice. Helped by fellow bartender Edoardo Arcesi of Epernay, the use of strawberries and orange gave a fantastic aromatic floral nose, and came complete with a peacock resting on top. Her last creation was a simple affair, putting together Cointreau and The Bitter Truth orange flower water and topping it with Fentimans Rose Lemonade, complete with a lollipop!

With a display of spirit bottles being utilised to not only show-off Susie’s creations, but also adapted to be a part of the venues display-works (see the photos from the link below), Frog Flowers showcased the very best of the boutique styles that Manchester has to offer and display them in a way that only they seem to create. Having Susie come on board make perfect sense, with myself enjoying many a cocktail from the lady in the past, her style and approach to her creations doesn’t surprise me in her being a part of one of the biggest fashion nights out in the UK.

See, it’s not just the big boys who come out to play on these nights. And I mean that in both ways. Well done to Susie, David of Frog and the team at Jean Jackson.

Check out the rest of my photos via my Facebook page. Also see snaps from the official photographer Danielle Boxall.

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