Whisky Club Teams Up With Renowned Mixologist To Reinvent Classic Whisky Cocktails

Stuart McClusky

As part of Clans & Drams, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s month-long activities during Whisky Month in May, the Society has joined forces with one of Edinburgh’s leading mixologists, Stuart McCluskey of The Bon Vivant and The Devil’s Advocate fame, for a night of innovative hands-on cocktail making on Friday 2nd May.

The Society is creating a special ‘secret bothy’ hideaway on the top floor of its beautiful Georgian townhouse venue, 28 Queen Street club in Edinburgh for the event. Stuart will be serving up four innovative drinks that reinvent classic whisky cocktails in this magical setting using the Society’s finest rare malt whiskies. His ingenious creations will also contain Caorunn Gin and Inveralmond beer, plus a host of other surprising ingredients. Guests will be invited to get involved in the cocktail-making process for a real hands-on experience.

Guests will be served a special ‘Bothy’ supper alongside their drinks and during the evening they will also be regaled with historic tales of Scottish imbibing from down the years by Society Ambassador Anna Wilkie.

The cocktails will be served up to guests in the Society’s special sample bottles before being poured into glasses for an added twist. After the event, the cocktails will then be on sale at the Society’s three venues – The Vaults in Leith, 28 Queen Street and 19 Greville Street in London ­– throughout Whisky Month in May.

Stuart said: “I can’t reveal what the cocktails are as I want to surprise people on the night, but what I can say is expect the unexpected – I will be taking the Society’s rare malt whiskies and using them alongside other unusual ingredients to flip people’s perceptions of traditional whisky cocktails completely on their head! There will be lots of theatre around the way the drinks are created and I will be using all manner of unusual things such as atomizers, citric acid, tinctures and homemade liqueurs.”

Mark Van Der Vijver, SMWS UK Sales Manager, said: “Having someone of Stuart’s calibre in the cocktail world on board to create a series of extraordinary cocktails for us is something really special and allows us to showcase the diversity of flavours in our whiskies in new exciting ways.”

Clan Cocktails in the Society’s secret bothy
Friday 2nd May, 2014, 7pm – 9.30pm
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 28 Queen St, Edinburgh, EH2 1JX – North View Room

Tickets: £40
Call 0131 555 2929 to buy a ticket or visit http://www.smws.co.uk/clans&drams



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