Disaronno Terrace Comes To Manchester

Disaronno Terrace

The month of August has seen the Spinningfield area of Manchester taken over by the brand of Disaronno. The Oast House venue boasts one of the largest outdoor terraces in the city, meaning the perfect place for the Italian liqueur to host its seasonal Disaronno Terrace events. A showcase of all things Disaronno, each residency offers the chance to enjoy classic and crafted serves, alongside live music artist and illustrators. 


From a drinks perspective, this was a great occasion to experience again the likes of a Disaronno Sour, a classics that is available from the Disaronno Sours cart, main bar, or indeed the chance to create the Disaronno Sour yourself. A rarity for an event to have such interaction on the main drink of the evening, yet it worked as guests are able to release the inner bartender within and shake up a classic.
The main bar itself has the likes of the Godfather, a mix of Disaronno and Monkey Shoulder, as well as two unique recipes for the tour, a Terrace Cooler which mixes Disaronno, cranberry juice, orange juice and strawberry puree, and the Terrace Sour, combining Disaronno, Monkey Shoulder, lemon juice and sugar with egg white. 

With a good atmosphere being created from Teleman and The Cribs, Disaronno have gone for something a little different in the way of re-introducing the brand to its customers. Although it is well-known, and a staple for most bars, the chance to experience within cocktails is sometimes limited, especially at home. The brand have done well in offering a unique environment, and one that they have taken to the likes of New York, Milan, Rome and Los Angeles over the last four years. I’ve been to many events sponsored and supported by brands over the years, but the chance to create a cocktail myself, enjoy music, and not be within a crowded area, all while al fresco style, is a cracking idea. 

Disaronno Terrace
Disaronno Terrace

There’s only one more event to go in Manchester before it hits residencies in Tokyo, Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome. If you get the chance, it’s definitely worth while to go down, if not, get yourself a bottle today and shake up a sours!

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