George’s Restaurant. And Bar?


It’s not all about the city centre of Manchester.

Bars and restaurants are a plenty in the city, catering for all tastes and minds in the various ‘zones’ we have to offer. It is satisfying then to remember that there are gems just outside the city limits. Didsbury and Chorlton spring to mind for many, as does MediaCityUK to an extent as well as Prestwich. But Worsley perhaps?

To many, Worsley is the leafy suburb with a meandering canal and a few pubs dotted here and there. It’s also home to a charming restaurant named George’s, a venue that is well-known for its food offering and named after the architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, seen as the most successful and famous architect of the Victorian era.

But it’s the bar that I was interested in. It’s always pleasant to hear that a restaurant offers great food and service when talking about such venues, but the bar itself is deemed surplus to requirements. It’s just ‘there’. An ad on. Well I thought I’d make an effort to view George’s not in a way of a foodie, but from a drinks led mind, and to see if it really is worthy of a trip out from the city centre.

George'sShort answer. Yes.


You walk in from the cold to be greeted by a warm, soft furnished entrance, with the bar in front of you, tall ceiling with draped single bulbs streaming down, and a long, high table to perch with friends and family. The restaurant to the right of you if you wish to dine, but a welcoming lit open room to the left with small, rounded wooden tables and wicker chairs to slide into.

To drink? A good selection of spirits can be found, and I’m sure something for everyone no matter what your mood. Take, for example, you’ve had a long day and you’re out with friends. a Singapore Sling ticks both the refreshing box as well as hitting the spot whilst your browse the extensive drinks list. Combining gin, triple sec, Benedictine, cherry liqueur, pineapple juice and grenadine, it’s perfect for either gender, and served within a mason jar for a twist on the usual Singapore sling vessel.

A gin and tonic is always a good shout too. Perhaps a large The Botanist and tonic would be a perfect remedy as you cosy up in the side room? The smooth palate offered from the Scottish Islay botanicals includes apple mint, heather and thyme. Tanqueray 10, Martin Millers and William Chase are some other highlights to enjoy on the gin front, but if gin isn’t your thing, may I recommend instead a classic Manhattan? Partnered with the ever reliable Woodford Reserve, the simple blend includes sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters to offer a delightful bourbon sip.

George'sThe menu itself will be seeing a slight change over the winter period as they reflect the change in temperature, but you will still see signatures such as the Negroni and Old Fashioned, as well as a selection of Martini serves ranging from the Classic to the French, Daiquiri’s from the norm to the strawberry and Margarita’s from the Tommy’s to the apple and mango.

The whisky category has a good focus too, seeing the likes of Glenfiddich, Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Jameson gracing their presence, alongside Haig Club, Makers Mark and the aforementioned Woodford Reserve.

All served with confidence, a smile and professionalism, and combining that with the atmosphere that George’s gives, you may need a taxi home.

Worthy of a trip? Well I’ll be back for sure.

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