New Bar Black Rock Will Reinvent Whisky Drinking As We Know It

Bar Black Rock

In March, Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson, the pair behind London’s Worship Street Whistling Shop and drinks brand Aske Stephenson, will unveil an exciting new bar that will break boundaries and quash stereotypes in the world of whisky. Holding over 250 bottles from around the world, the intimate new subterranean bar in Shoreditch will take things back to basics with a simple menu of whisky cocktails in a minimalist and contemporary setting.

Black Rock will seek to inspire and educate guests about whisky, removing stigma and encouraging guests to rediscover this all-too-often inaccessible spirit. Traditional connotations usually associated with whisky will be replaced with a modern stripped-back space, clean lines and a hip-hop, electro-funk soundtrack. Dark hues of black and grey will be juxtaposed with bright gold and brass fittings alongside textural touches of glass, marble and oak.

An 18ft, 185 year old oak tree-trunk will be the central focal point of Black Rock instead of a traditional bar workstation. A ‘roaming’ bartender will mix and serve drinks amongst guests who will be able to sit around each side of the first-of-its-kind oak trunk. The innovative installation will also act as an interactive cocktail ageing system. Two channels have been carved into the length of the trunk with one lined with American charred oak and the other toasted European oak. Visible to guests beneath a glass top, the channels will age two whisky cocktails that can be poured directly from one end of the trunk.

In addition to its two oak-aged cocktails, Black Rock will offer a succinct whisky only cocktail menu designed to showcase the unique diversity of the many regions and flavour profiles of whisky in an accessible and approachable manner.

Whisky connoisseurs and novices alike will be able to browse Black Rock’s ‘Whisky Library’ where its 250+ bottles will be displayed in cabinets along the length of the room. With a simple three-tier price point for a dram, guests will gain access to a variety of whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, America and Japan, as well as selected whiskies from emerging producers.

Black Rock will also demonstrate its mission to celebrate whisky, through its Concierge Service. Due to launch later in 2016, the service will offer tutored tastings, advice on whisky investments and bespoke trips to whisky regions around the world.

Black Rock is leading an emerging trend to familiarise consumers with whisky whilst also changing the preconception of a traditional bar environment. Breaking the barrier down between the bartender and guest through its unique service style, this disruptive new bar will seek to alter whisky’s stuffy stereotypes with its simple and personal approach, making it an accessible drink for all.

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