Caorunn Updates Its Look With New Bottle And Serves


Approaching ten years at the pinnacle of the premium gin market, Caorunn has released a brand new, British made bottle marrying the fine spirit’s artisan roots with seriously sleek aesthetics.

The bottle represents the five natural Scottish botanicals which surround the Speyside distillery and are hand harvested by Carounn’s Gin Master, Simon Buley. The decanter’s signature pentagonal shape and five-pointed asterisk base, a nod to the Caorunn’s locally foraged botanicals, have been redefined, providing added presence to the eye-catching gin whether it is encountered in a bar or the home of a discerning drinker.
Crafted from extra white Flint glass, the desirable bottle will help assure a new generation of gin aficionados to reach for the clean and crisp, invigorating and distinctly aromatic spirit of Scotland.

Caorunn’s journey of flavour, which sees coul blush apple, heather, dandelion, bog myrtle and rowan berry act in harmony with six traditional gin ingredients and crystal clear Scottish water, adheres to the same, richly acclaimed recipe as when the spirit came to market in 2009. The distinctive taste has helped the gin grow year-on-year to become one of the top five super premium gin brands within the UK (as reported by Nielsen*) which is celebrated daily by judicious drinkers in more than 35 countries.
With an emphasis on Caorunn’s character and modernity, the bottle’s re-design was accomplished by the creative minds at design agency, JDO.

Group Creative Director at JDO, Ben Oates was tasked with evolving the iconic five pointed shape to encapsulate the Scottish Highland heritage with a contemporary edge and elegant design. Graphics Specialist, Ray Smith focused on enhancing Caorunn’s exquisite craftsmanship through embossed details. Production Director, James Davies embraced contemporary labelling techniques with traditional craftsmanship by adding tactility through raised gloss varnishing, profiling the red asterix and placing it proudly at the top of the new 3D structure.

Rachael Engley, Glass Producer at Allied Glass, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire says she is very pleased with the thought provoking production, particularly ‘its exquisite colour’.
Acclaimed drinks culture writer, mixologist and long term supporter of Caorunn, Tristan Stephenson believes the enhanced bottle shape is both ‘beautiful and functional, allowing bartenders to keep the clean and crisp gin close to hand.’ Tristan admires the superb shelf presence and user friendly features ‘which now match the handcrafted, versatile taste, creating an enjoyable drink experience for all involved.’
Meanwhile, drinks columnist and gastronomy consultant, Douglas Blyde rates the ‘natural cork and sense of paired down luxe’ noting, ‘no wonder Carounn feel at home as supporters of London Art Fair.’

The signature for Simon Buley, Caorunn Gin Master, is printed on each bottle of Caorunn to reflect that he alone oversees the entire craftsmanship process for each vessel.
Simon comments: “I am proud to see Caorunn showcased within such an exquisite bottle. The design has taken into consideration the Celtic botanicals foraged on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and how Caorunn is infused in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. The care and attention of the spirit and bottle sets Caorunn apart.”

Below are a selection of new Caorunn cocktails made by renowned mixologist Tristan Stephenson – both his serves are the perfect tipple to have with friends on a cold winter’s night!

Caorunn Cooler by Tristan Stephenson
Caorunn Cooler by Tristan Stephenson

50ml Caorunn gin
150ml Herbal apple soda*
*1 part lemon juice
7 parts apple juice
7 parts green tea
Hot brew the green tea to extract the flavour and tannins, and allow to cool.
Mix ingredients well and chill in a fridge.
Carbonate using a sodastream
Build in a glass
Sage leaf
Fireside by Tristan Stephenson
Fireside by Tristan Stephenson
50ml Caorunn
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Ginger juice
80ml Apple juice
Build in a glass
Honey roasted walnuts
Serve in a highball glass

New Bar Black Rock Will Reinvent Whisky Drinking As We Know It

Bar Black Rock

In March, Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson, the pair behind London’s Worship Street Whistling Shop and drinks brand Aske Stephenson, will unveil an exciting new bar that will break boundaries and quash stereotypes in the world of whisky. Holding over 250 bottles from around the world, the intimate new subterranean bar in Shoreditch will take things back to basics with a simple menu of whisky cocktails in a minimalist and contemporary setting.

Black Rock will seek to inspire and educate guests about whisky, removing stigma and encouraging guests to rediscover this all-too-often inaccessible spirit. Traditional connotations usually associated with whisky will be replaced with a modern stripped-back space, clean lines and a hip-hop, electro-funk soundtrack. Dark hues of black and grey will be juxtaposed with bright gold and brass fittings alongside textural touches of glass, marble and oak.

An 18ft, 185 year old oak tree-trunk will be the central focal point of Black Rock instead of a traditional bar workstation. A ‘roaming’ bartender will mix and serve drinks amongst guests who will be able to sit around each side of the first-of-its-kind oak trunk. The innovative installation will also act as an interactive cocktail ageing system. Two channels have been carved into the length of the trunk with one lined with American charred oak and the other toasted European oak. Visible to guests beneath a glass top, the channels will age two whisky cocktails that can be poured directly from one end of the trunk.

In addition to its two oak-aged cocktails, Black Rock will offer a succinct whisky only cocktail menu designed to showcase the unique diversity of the many regions and flavour profiles of whisky in an accessible and approachable manner.

Whisky connoisseurs and novices alike will be able to browse Black Rock’s ‘Whisky Library’ where its 250+ bottles will be displayed in cabinets along the length of the room. With a simple three-tier price point for a dram, guests will gain access to a variety of whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, America and Japan, as well as selected whiskies from emerging producers.

Black Rock will also demonstrate its mission to celebrate whisky, through its Concierge Service. Due to launch later in 2016, the service will offer tutored tastings, advice on whisky investments and bespoke trips to whisky regions around the world.

Black Rock is leading an emerging trend to familiarise consumers with whisky whilst also changing the preconception of a traditional bar environment. Breaking the barrier down between the bartender and guest through its unique service style, this disruptive new bar will seek to alter whisky’s stuffy stereotypes with its simple and personal approach, making it an accessible drink for all.

A Punch this Christmas, with Hendrick’s Gin

In this time of festive cheer, Hendrick’s Gin, proprietor of the exquisite and unusual, has partnered with the most esteemed of cocktail creators to offer a solution to Christmas entertaining quandaries, and in doing so bring to your attention the almostforgotten mastery of punch.


At a time of year when merriment with those dearest and nearest is at the forefront of our festive schemata, punch brings people together:  It is a truth self-evident that everyone sharing the same quaff has a most charming effect on the atmosphere of a room.


Dismissed by most, punch often reminds people of their first fumbles into the world of alcohol, and terrible concoctions of almost poisonous presence.  But this most certainly does not have to be the case, for in times past, punch was the quintessential drink for many, as expounded in hazy Victoriandescriptions of bowls of punch that “awaken in the soul all the finer emotions of sensibility and friendship.”


Even the great Charles Dickens took pleasure in making and serving punch at home, with the ritual worthy of Mr Micawber himself as documented in David Copperfield, “he stirred, and mixed, and tasted, and looked as if he were making, instead of punch, a fortune for his family down to the latest posterity.”


Over the Christmas period, why not partake in the ritual of punch, providing a shared experience of drinking that few other drinks can claim. There really is no better way to share the chronicles of life and subsequent laughter than around a bowl of enchanting punch!


And so with that, Hendrick’s has but a few things left to say, recipes namely:


Eden Special Fizz, Created by Jason Scott of the Bramble Bar, Edinburgh



500ml Hendrick’s Gin

250ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

150ml home made cherry liqueur or Cherry Heering (to taste)

1 bottle champagne

1 lemon



Steep sliced lemon rounds in the first 3 ingredients overnight. Pour into punch bowl filled with ice and add champagne just before service.


Glass: champagne saucer

Garnish: lemon rounds



Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch
Hendrick’s Purl, Created by Tristan Stephenson of Purl, London



150ml Hendrick’s Gin

1 litre of good quality hoppy ale 200ml cloudy apple juice 5 slices of satsuma 1 cinnamon stick 90g sugar 5g hops 2 cloves 1 dessert spoon honey 2 large splashes of Angostura Bitters 1 whole star anise


Heat ingredients in a pan.  Simmer for 20 minutes then strain the hops out and serve with satsuma slices and a stick of cinnamon to garnish.


Glass: Teacup

Garnish: Satsuma slices and cinnamon stick


Mr Micawber’s Favourite, Hot Gin Punch

Created by Hendrick’s British Ambassador Duncan McRae, a subtly tweaked recipe inspired by Dickens’ very own recipe from David Copperfield



Three full teacups of Hendrick’s Gin

Another three of Madeira wine

Three cloves

Pinch grated nutmeg

Large teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Two teaspoons brown sugar

Six large lemon and orange twists

Small slice orange

One fresh pineapple

Four large spoons honey

Juice of two lemons



Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and place on the heat. Let the concoction simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Taste, adding lemon or honey depending on whether you prefer sweet or sour.  When it’s ready, pour into a teapot and serve in teacups or alternatively in a traditional punch bowl. This punch can be reheated should you wish to prepare it prior to a gathering. This punch is best simmered for half an hour or more– allowing the pineapple time to soften and caramalise. Pineapples (one of the most exotic ingredients one could get hold of) would have been a real treatduring the Victorian Era, making this punch a genuine celebration.