Seven Award-Winning Bartenders To Take Over Patron Cocktail Lab For London Cocktail Week


For this year’s London Cocktail Week, Patrón Tequila has invited seven acclaimed international bartenders from Miami to Münich and San Juan to Singapore to host a takeover of Patrón Cocktail Lab – a destination for cocktail recipes and inspiration – to create and serve cocktails inspired by their city. Taking place at Spitalfields Market, 3-9 October, the Patrón Cocktail Lab will be a unique opportunity for trade and consumers alike to learn a little about cocktail culture from those who are at the pinnacle of their career. 

In a rare occasion, a carefully curated line up of seven award-winning bartenders will come together in the heart of the market space, over seven consecutive days, showcasing their skills and devising unique city-inspired cocktails using Patrón tequila. The epic bartender line-up includes London’s very own Nathan Shearer from Callooh Callay, Jose Luis Leon from Limantour in Mexico City, Philip Bischoff of Manhattan bar in Singapore, Remy Savage from Little Red Door in Paris; Cihan Anadologlu of Circle By Cihan Anadologlu in Münich, Gui Jaroschy from Broken Shaker in Miami and Roberto Berdecia of La Factoria in San Juan.

Matthew Sykes, Director, International Marketing for Patrón Spirits International, says: “People can be intimidated by cocktail menus and are perhaps nervous to experiment. At Patrón Cocktail Lab, we are using some of the best bartenders from around the globe to help advise people on unique cocktails and how to make them at home.  We want to bring the exciting cocktail culture and experience to everyone and, more than anything, showcase how versatile tequila and of course Patrón can be.”

For those unable to attend London Cocktail Week, cocktail enthusiasts can experiment from the comfort of their own home via Patrón Cocktail Lab at


–        Bartender & Bar: Nathan Shearer – Callooh Callay, London

–        Cocktail: Patrón City Lights (using Patrón Reposado)

–        This light, complex and refreshing highball cocktail is the essence of summertime in London. Using British flavours and ingredients such as pears and Kamm and Sons, it is an easy drinking cocktail that can be enjoyed all year round.



–        Bartender & Bar: Jose Luis Leon – Limantour, Mexico City

–        Cocktail: Patrón Chipotle Punch (using Patrón Silver)

–        Using the most popular chili in Mexico, the Chipotle Punch packs a proverbial punch and invokes the familiar spicy flavours of Mexico City.



–        Bartender & Bar: Philip Bischoff – Manhattan, Singapore

–        Cocktail: Patrón Señor Sling(using Patrón Silver)

–        Bringing a taste of Singapore to London Cocktail Week, Señor Sling is refreshing but still complex, fruity take on the country’s national signature drink


–        Bartender & Bar: Remy Savage – Little Red Door, Paris

–        Cocktail:Patrónomy (using Patrón Silver)

–        A simple serve in essence but has a lot of complexity. Patrónomy is refreshing, fruity and citrusy without being sour. It also as a very subtle bitterness as well as a delicate salty feel.



–        Bartender & Bar: Cihan Anadologlu – Circle By Cihan Anadologlu, Münich

–        Cocktail: Patrón Mexica(using Patrón Silver)

–        A concoction of Cherry Brandy and a variety of bitters, all the ingredients fit perfectly to make a citrusy and herbaceous autumnal cocktail.



–        Bartender & Bar: Gui Jaroschy – Broken Shaker, Miami

–        Cocktail: Patrón Yellow Submarine (using Patrón Silver)

–        The Yellow Submarine follows the classic style of Broken Shaker cocktails; refreshing, interesting and playful like the city and the people in it. Using unexpected and fresh ingredients, the Yellow Submarine possesses earthy vegetal notes, whilst fresh lime and spicy falernum bring acidity and a touch of sweetness.


–        Bartender & Bar: Roberto Berdecia – La Factoria, San Juan

–        Cocktail: TBC

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