Canada is perhaps not your first choice of country when talking gin. Europe yes, even Oceania and Asia perhaps, but from the UK’s standpoint, whiskey is the tipple most associated with Canada in the likes of Canadian Club and Crown Royal. It’s to a vibrant introduction to my gin experiences then that Ungava comes along, hailing from the northeastern part of the country.

The Ungava name comes from the Ungava Peninsula, which can be found at the northern tip of Quebec within Canada. Ungava is proud to state that its six rare botanicals, native to the Arctic region, form the basis of the gin. These include Nordic Juniper, Arctic Blend, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Labrador Tea and Wild Rose Hips, each handpicked in the wild during the fleeting summer season. Due to the botanicals used, the yellow colour of the gin is completely natural, the result of the plants and berries of the tundra releasing their aromas and colours.

It’s with intrigue then that below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Ungava – 43.1%

Very light and subtle upon the nose, with honeysuckle and soft rose appearing. A developing boldness on the palate, with green berry and fresh herbal notes dominating. A fresh, striking finish.

A good gin to sip over ice, but this signature serve offers a great use for Ungava –

Ungava Beach

Glass – 

Old Fashioned

Ingredients –

45 ml Ungava gin
60 ml Coconut water
45 ml Soda
15 ml Simple syrup
1 Grapefruit wedge and 1 grapefruit slice

Method –

Squeeze the grapefruit wedge into an old-fashioned glass. Add ice cubes and then the gin, simple syrup and coconut water. Finish with the soda and garnish with the grapefruit slice.

Canada sure know how to create a spirit, whether whisky or gin! An interesting brand look, but backs itself up with the flavour as Ungava should be reserved a place in your drinks cabinet for sure. Great to mix with too if you’re inviting friends and family round to impress.

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