Bénédictine Trip Review

This week I’ve been extremely lucky to be invited along to not one, but two fantastic places within France, courtesy of the French liqueur Bénédictine. Following on from their nationwide cocktail competitions from the past few weeks, winners from Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and London came together, alongside the Bénédictine team and fellow media representative Gary Sharpen ofContinue reading “Bénédictine Trip Review”

Bénédictine Tasting Notes

Bénédictine is a staple for many a bar, and indeed possibly your own collection. It’s also been a well-known brand for over 150 years, and has recently been showing off its versatility within cocktails with a number of cocktail competitions in many major cities. So it makes sense to capitalise on the growing hype andContinue reading “Bénédictine Tasting Notes”