The Destinology Guide To The Margarita

Certain drinks and dishes are inextricably linked with a country, region, town or city. A pizza in Napoli, a Mojito in Havana, even a Guinness in Dublin become big events for holidaying visitors. So, to bring the holiday flavour home, Destinology are dedicating a series of posts to the cocktails of the world. And, forContinue reading “The Destinology Guide To The Margarita”

Cocktails In The City Review

The biggest cocktail master class came back in full force this year in the form of Cocktails in the City. Located within Manchester Town Hall, 15 of Manchester’s bars teamed up with 15 brands ranging from tequila to rum and vodka to create a cocktail that would wow the consumers and tempt them to partContinue reading “Cocktails In The City Review”