Emily Says . . . . ‘The Espresso Martini’

In her third feature under ‘Emily Says . . .’, the voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering looks at the ever faithful Espresso Martini; A cocktail that has never gone out of fashion: the Espresso Martini. A simply timeless concoction of vodka paired with espresso, this number is the go-to at theContinue reading “Emily Says . . . . ‘The Espresso Martini’”

The Winners and Shakers at Cocktails in the City, Leeds

Last week saw the first northern edition of Cocktails in the City in Leeds as they took over the town hall for two evenings and invited 20 of the cities best and brightest bars to create and impress the sold out crowds! In attendance was yours truly, and after being invited to judge the bestContinue reading “The Winners and Shakers at Cocktails in the City, Leeds”

Retox And Refuel At Soho’s Hottest Hotel

Offering an escape from detox season, W London – Leicester Square has announced the launch of an immersive event series that pushes the boundaries of music, design and taste. The Vitamin Mix Series will help guests retox and refuel in the New Year, in collaboration with up-and-coming Art collective Increments, and London juicery Imbibery. KickingContinue reading “Retox And Refuel At Soho’s Hottest Hotel”

The Kowloon Correspondents Club with Belvedere Vodka and The Liquorists Review

The Manchester scene has yet again been given something to look forward to. Favourites The Liquorists, aka Tom Sneesby and Jody Monteith, have taken advantage of an opportunity that came their way to showcase to you all a journey. Vodka giants Belvedere have joined forces with the duo and taken over a plot within theContinue reading “The Kowloon Correspondents Club with Belvedere Vodka and The Liquorists Review”

Cocktails In The City Review

The biggest cocktail master class came back in full force this year in the form of Cocktails in the City. Located within Manchester Town Hall, 15 of Manchester’s bars teamed up with 15 brands ranging from tequila to rum and vodka to create a cocktail that would wow the consumers and tempt them to partContinue reading “Cocktails In The City Review”

The Liquorists Belvedere Trail Review

Ever feel like having a night of luxury? A night of sophistication? Well last week Manchester showcased themselves with a brand that oozes these qualities and more with the ever elegant Belvedere and the ever knowledgeable and glamour of The Liquorists. The usual trait of five bars. five samples and five cocktails to indulge in,Continue reading “The Liquorists Belvedere Trail Review”

Belvedere Tasting Notes

I’ve recently been blessed with the chance to add one of the worlds premium vodkas to the sites growing vodka category – Belvedere. I’ve been using Belvedere lately as part of my spirit training sessions, and thought it would be only appropriate to recognise this Polish delight and let you all know a little bit aboutContinue reading “Belvedere Tasting Notes”

24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 1

So December is upon us and to celebrate, Drinks Enthusiast is offering the best of the best christmas cocktails out there, sourced from some exciting brands as well as throwing in some home-own creations. Day 1 – Mulled Cosmopolitan – Belvedere A typical Belvedere twist. Baking spices and citrus oils add layers of warm notesContinue reading “24 Days of Christmas Cocktails – Day 1”

The Liquorists Vodka Trail Review

Last night was another installment into The Liquorists busy calendar, the vodka trail. Following the same concept of their Nominees & Spirited Ventures trails last month, we were to be enjoying 5 different vodka’s, 5 different vodka cocktails in 5 different bars accompanied by 5 different light bite appetizers. Sound daunting? Challenge accepted! Starting theContinue reading “The Liquorists Vodka Trail Review”