St Germain Tasting Notes

I love a liqueur I can sip. Just one that you can crack open no matter what time of day it is and enjoy. Even better if it’s versatile enough to mix simply within some classic drinks. St Germain is a staple to my drinks cabinet because it does just that. Question is, out ofContinue reading “St Germain Tasting Notes”

Bramley and Gage Tasting Notes

Bramley and Gage – a company that is making a bit of a scene in the bartender arena. Despite being around for over twenty years, bartenders are taking notice of their thirteen strong portfolio, using the brand within new cocktail creations and simple serves. But who are Bramley and Gage? Back in the mid 1980’s,Continue reading “Bramley and Gage Tasting Notes”

The Bitter Truth

  The year 2006 saw a name come into the drinks industry that covered not only liqueurs, but also the lesser known bitters category – The Bitter Truth. Bitters were essentially the ingredient that distinguished cocktails from other beverages and were an essential component of any good cocktail creation. Many classic cocktails use bitters andContinue reading “The Bitter Truth”

Chase Tasting Notes

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to try the spirits that UK-based Chase Distilleries offers to the trade, so after completing my tasting notes on their core range, I’ve decided to combine them all onto one page for your viewing pleasure. A little history first (1) – A farmer of 20 years, William Chase had been growing potatoes toContinue reading “Chase Tasting Notes”