Manchester Whisky Club Review – September

The end of last month saw me miss out on my first ever Manchester Whisky Club meeting, but not one to miss out too much, the drams from the ninth meeting, held at The Castle in Manchester, were decanted for a taste in my own time – and here we are. Like previous meetings, aContinue reading “Manchester Whisky Club Review – September”

The Dalmore Tasting Notes

If you know me and my whisky tastes, you’ll know that I’m a man who will try anything from any area or country. When I first started out with Drinks Enthusiast, I came across a brand that would stick with me for the last three years, and to me, it just keeps getting better andContinue reading “The Dalmore Tasting Notes”

Oban Tasting Notes

Many distilleries in Scotland dominate towns, non more than Oban. The distillery overlooks the harbour and sea at Scotland’s western coast and has done since 1794 when two brothers, Hugh and John Stevenson founded the distillery on the site of an old brewery that they ran. Just before the turn of the twentieth century, Oban becameContinue reading “Oban Tasting Notes”

Manchester Whisky Club Review – February

February has been and gone, and so has the second meeting of the inaugural Manchester Whisky Club. You did read that right by the way. It comes as rather a surprise to find out that Manchester is lacking a whisky club. For a city that hosts a yearly Whisky Festival with a packed crowd, there’s no shortage of interestContinue reading “Manchester Whisky Club Review – February”

Glenfarclas Tasting Notes

I’ve been lucky enough to try the core range of Glenfarclas – a whisky from the Highland region of Scotland. A whisky that has been in the Grants of Glenfarcas family since 1865 when on the 8th June, John Grant acquired the tenancy of Reichlerich Farm in Ballindalloch for only £511.19S.0d. The plot also held a distillery. To this day Glenfarclas isContinue reading “Glenfarclas Tasting Notes”