Domaine De Canton Tasting Notes

Liqueurs are a major part of any bars existence, with many flavours used within many a creation or sipped over ice. Orange, hazelnut, coffee, elderflower, they’re all pure, one single flavour in a bottle. But there is a trend, a trend that can be said to have started with the likes of Grand Marnier, blendingContinue reading “Domaine De Canton Tasting Notes”

Hine Tasting Notes

Continuing my theme of cognacs that seems to have taken shape lately, I’ve come across another rather well-known brand by the name of HINE. Dating back to 1550, the Hine family lived in Beaminster, Dorset, on the south coast of England, but it was the 18th century that the cognac link started when Thomas Hine decidedContinue reading “Hine Tasting Notes”

Courvoisier Tasting Notes

After experiencing brandy lately, I’ve found a new love for the spirit that many countries seem to be producing these days. It only makes sense then to look at a brand that dominates many a bar, especially in the UK – Courvoisier. In the uncertain climate of the aftermath of the French Revolution, Emmanuel CourvoisierContinue reading “Courvoisier Tasting Notes”