Chivas Regal – A Re-creation Of Two Classics

Chivas Regal is a brand that most, if not all, of you will know. A blended whisky that can trace its roots to 1801 and a grocery store, 13 King Street in Aberdeen, and has defined four different eras of the mixed drink. Recently, the brand has been highlighting the four eras; The Classic Age of 1880-1920,Continue reading “Chivas Regal – A Re-creation Of Two Classics”

Chivas 25 Launches First Experiential Website

To celebrate its association with the Cannes Film Festival, Chivas 25 recently launched The Legend of Cannes, the first interactive website to offer a panoramic view of the city. The website allows users to get a full experience of the festival thanks to exclusive video content including brand ambassador Max Warner giving a step-by-step guideContinue reading “Chivas 25 Launches First Experiential Website”