Swedish Whisky Fans In For A Treat With Exclusive Release From The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

10.127-hi-resWhisky fans in Sweden are in for a treat this month as The Scotch Malt Whisky Society [www.smws.com] (SMWS) releases an exclusive single cask malt available only to Swedish spirits enthusiasts.

The 10-year-old ‘Burning scarecrows by the sea’, from the Society’s Peated flavour profile, goes on sale on Thursday 12 October on the Society’s online shop (https://www.smws.com/burning-scarecrows-by-the-sea) and will only be available in Sweden.

As with all Society bottlings of single cask whiskies and other spirits, it is a limited edition, with only 234 bottles available. The Society’s expert Tasting Panel describe the whisky, which was matured in a refill hogshead ex-Bourbon cask, as having notes of “pebble beach, seaweed, sun-dried driftwood, bonfire, smoked mackerel and cigar boxes” on the nose, with “blow-torched pineapple and toasted marshmallows” on the palate.

The news comes on the back of exciting times for the SMWS and whisky fans in Sweden.

In August, the SMWS launched its first official partner bar at The Ardbeg Embassy in Stockholm. This relationship sees the world-renowned bar offering an array of Society whiskies and holding monthly Society tasting events. [https://www.smws.com/events/locations/sweden?event_town=462]

The tastings take place on the last Wednesday of each month and are hosted by local SMWS ambassador Patrik Axelsson. The next three events are:

· Wed 25th October: Preview tasting of November’s SMWS releases
· Wed 29 November: SMWS Single Cask Spirits tasting featuring rum, bourbon and armagnac.
· Old & rare whisky tasting – sampling old and hard-to-find SMWS whiskies.

The SMWS, which releases around 20 new whiskies and other spirits each month in Sweden, is also staging a tasting at the SPIS restaurant in Kiruna on Saturday 18 November [https://www.smws.com/events/locations/sweden/smws-sweden-lapland-kiruna-tasting] with local SM9WS ambassador Tommy Calner.

In the coming months, the SMWS will announce plans to stage more tasting events in other locations across Sweden, such as Gothenburg.

SMWS is registered for distance selling in Sweden, so members can order from over 90 bottlings online which are delivered with DHL direct to their door, inclusive of all local taxes – as opposed to ordering and collecting from Systembolaget.

Local SMWS ambassador Patrik Axelsson said: “The release of ‘Burning scarecrows by the sea’ exclusively in Sweden is a great opportunity for our existing members and other like-minded spirits enthusiasts to enjoy a classic example of the single cask whisky that makes the Society unique.

“Through our tasting events at our partner bar the Ardbeg Embassy and the new selection of whiskies and other spirits we release each month, this is a really exciting time to be a member of the Society in Sweden.”

More information:

‘Old & Dignified’ Whisky – The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day

scotch malt whisky society

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 19th June), spoil Dad with something exceptionally special – a rare bottle of ‘Old & Dignified’ whisky and membership of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

SMWS have created a special limited edition online whisky package just for Dads – a bottle of ‘Exotic fruits and Polytunnel Flowers’ (Cask No 63.35) from its ‘Old & Dignified’ flavour category, alongside Society membership for just £175 (normally £229).

You’ll have to be quick though to snap one up; there are only 18 packages available for lucky dads via the Society’s website at http://www.smws.com/dad

The 25-year-old whisky, one of only 114 bottles, has been hand picked by the Society’s experts, from the aptly named ‘Old and Dignified’ flavour category, one of the Society’s 12 unique flavour profiles.

With a nose of nostalgic craft workshops and sandalwood and rich, deep fruit on the palate, this delicious whisky makes for the perfect Father’s Day tipple.

SMWS membership is the gift that keeps on giving, unlocking the doors to the Society’s monthly releases of unparalleled and limited edition single cask whiskies, exclusive events, ‘Unfiltered’ magazine and Members’ Rooms in London, Edinburgh and around the world.

The membership pack is decadently designed and includes three sample bottles of Society whiskies, a member’s journal, a Society badge and a £10 voucher to spend on his first purchase.

SMWS bottles some of the rarest single malt whiskies on the planet, from an array of distilleries in Scotland and around the world.

New whiskies are released each month, providing an ever-changing choice of new flavours. As each single cask whisky only yields a few hundred bottles, every Society release is a limited edition – the perfect present for whisky lovers.

To purchase, visit http://www.smws.com/dad

The Perfect Christmas Presents From The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

the scotch malt whisky society

This Christmas, treat whisky aficionados and adventurous spirits enthusiasts alike to a gift from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Membership of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Membership to the world’s finest malt whisky club unlocks the doors to the world of single cask whisky and its array of amazing flavours – it’s the first step on an ever-changing sensory adventure that takes members on a mouth-watering journey of whisky discovery.

Membership also provides a perfect present to place under the Christmas tree in the form of a beautifully presented membership gift box, which includes:
• Three 10cl sample bottles of Society single cask whiskies
• Member’s handbook
• Society badge
• £10 voucher to spend on first SMWS bottle purchase

A membership of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society costs from £122 and grants the adventurous whisky drinker exclusive access to around 14 new bottles of the Society’s single cask, single malt whisky, grain whisky, bourbon and even rum each month – an ever-changing selection which will satisfy all, from the curious newcomer to the experienced connoisseur.

In addition to receiving award-winning members’ magazine, ‘Unfiltered’, members can also attend special tasting events and gain access to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s beautiful private Members’ Rooms in Edinburgh and London. Members can sign up to three guests into the Member’s Rooms.

Discover the hype this Christmas with rare Japanese single grain whisky from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has bottled not one, but two, extremely rare Japanese single grain whiskies, just in time for Christmas.

Following the news that Japanese whisky, Yamazaki, was named number 1 whisky in the world in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, there has been significant interest in whisky from Japan.

Single grain whisky is another type of whisky on the rise. The Society has been bottling single grain Scotch whisky for several years, and the recent releases of Diageo’s Haig Club, fronted by David Beckham, and The Girvan Patent Still Single Grain, highlights the growing interest in different types of whisky and spirits.

So this Christmas, step away from the safety of Scotch and gift something truly remarkable with one of these two rare Japanese grain whiskies from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, who won Whisky Magazine’s Bottler of the Year for Grain Whisky in 2013.
Bottle G13.1, ‘A complete revelation’* is a 4-year-old Japanese grain whisky bottled by the Society, with luscious mango and pineapple notes accompanied by fruity lychees, toffee, marshmallows and damson jam. The taste extends into ginger, creamy milk chocolate and vanilla custard in a seemingly endless complexity of flavour. Fantastic for its age, this whisky outshone older samples from the same distillery. Matured in a virgin puncheon, this whisky highlights the importance of the cask in which it was held.

G13.1 ‘A complete revelation’
Aged 4 years
Bottle G12.1, ‘Oh so sweet’*, merges musky notes with rich, dark sugar. Powerful vanilla essence and bananas meet coconut milk and peach smoothie as the taste develops, resulting in a fresh, oaky finish from the re-charred hogshead it matured in. An 11-year-old Japanese grain which is best served neat and so sweet it can replace your Christmas pudding!

G12.1 ‘Oh so sweet’
Aged 11 years
ABV 58.9%

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society releases oldest ever bottling this Christmas

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society have bottled the finest single cask whisky for it’s members and have released their oldest bottling to date, just in time for Christmas.

At 48 years old, ‘A vibrant Enigma!’ was bottled on 7th July 1965 and costs £483.00. With only127 bottles available, this exquisite, rare single malt Scotch whisky is truly special gift for the whisky aficionado this Christmas.

The nose has all the hallmarks of a gracefully matured rich dram, whilst the taste is rich and surprisingly intense, with notes of figs, raisins and sultanas soaked in sherry, sitting alongside walnuts, Seville oranges and polished oak. The finish is a powerful kick of black cherries immersed in dark chocolate and Grand Marnier.

‘A vibrant Enigma!’
Aged 48 years
ABV 49.8%

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottles Bourbon for Christmas

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has released a special bourbon bottle for Christmas. As with all of The Society’s whiskies, the aptly named B3.1‘A little box of treasures’*, is a single cask, limited edition release and one of the few bourbons ever released by The Society.

This festive treat of a whiskey begins with a huge hit of sweet vanilla, with intense wood spice and creamy custard flavours following. Heady wintery fruits and pumpkin pie are balanced with juicy oranges, melted butter and cedar wood, with beeswax and fresh wood shavings to finish.

An excellent choice for a nightcap at at the end of Christmas Day.

B3.1 ‘A little box of treasures’
Aged 3 years
ABV 53.9%

Find Your ‘Whisky Clan’ At The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

the scotch malt whisky society

Whisky club opens its doors to members and non-members alike, for Clans & Drams, a month-long celebration of flavour during Homecoming Scotland’s Whisky Month.

Clans are famously associated with territorial battles and bloody skirmishes. But this May, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is putting ancient rivalries aside with the launch of Clans & Drams – a month-long celebration of ‘whisky clans’ based on flavours that takes place during Homecoming Scotland 2014’s Whisky Month.
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society believes that the pleasure of exquisite whisky supersedes any family feud or clan dispute. So instead of battling over bloodlines, everyone (Scot or not) is invited into the Society’s members’ rooms in Edinburgh, Leith and London during May to ally themselves to a whisky clan.

The Society, which bottles single cask single malt whiskies from a huge range of distilleries, has created 12 special whisky clans based on flavour profiles. Every traditional family clan has a reputation that defines them, attributes such as bravery, honesty or dexterity. The Society have taken real clan mottos and personalities and attributed these to their flavour clans. Whether you’re the fiery ‘Spicy and Sweet’, or the majestic ‘Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits’, there is a whisky clan for everyone.

Mark van der Vijver, UK Sales Manager for The Scotch Malt Whisky Society said: “Here at the Society, we believe it’s really important for our members not to have any preconceptions based on traditional whisky regions or distillery brands when choosing a whisky; we encourage everyone to focus on the flavours within each whisky so they don’t miss out on discovering something they may not usually try. Clans & Drams embodies this concept by taking a playful approach to traditional clans and creating our own flavour-based whisky clans.”

Caroline Packman, Homecoming Director adds, “The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is one of the world’s most renowned whisky clubs, and their Clans & Drams events will give visitors a unique tasting experience this May. Homecoming is a great opportunity to place the spotlight on Scotland’s greatest assets, with Whisky Month set to celebrate our national drink through a series of innovative and engaging events.”

As well as opening its doors to non-members throughout May and pairing its latest release of whiskies to the 12 flavour clans, The Society is hosting a number of events – from ‘Clan Whisky Feasts’ featuring unique kinships of delicious whisky and food pairings, to The Bon Vivant’s Stuart McCluskey hosting ‘Clan Cocktails’ in the Society’s secret Bothy (see full list of events below). The Edinburgh Members lounges will also host the official signature event of World Whisky Day on Saturday 17th May.

Every one of the Society’s whiskies in Leith, Edinburgh and London have been assigned to a whisky clan, including those in the new May outturn of bottlings, so drinkers should be prepared to adopt an new clan whenever they choose a dram.

Find a full list of events attached and by clicking here.