Stock Prestige Tasting Notes


A few years back a good friend of mine went back to her home in Poland for a few weeks. Upon her return she bought me a bottle of their premium vodka named Stock Prestige, and, as it only seems right to feature some of the lesser-known brands from around the world on this site too, I give to it’s background –

At the beginning of the last century in a small town near Kraków (now Bielsko-Biala) a brandy factory was located. After many years marked by two world wars and the harsh reality of the socialist times, it was able to go back to Polish production, and Stock decided to join forces with the Polish factory and produce liquor. From this, Stock Prestige came into being, using the combination of two ‘ingredients’ – modernity and tradition. At first sight it would appear that the vodka and the well-known brandy Stock 84 are connected by the name only, but when looked at more closely, it turns out that the entire 130-year philosophy of the brand is closed in the modern bottle. Stock Prestige retains everything that is characteristic for Stock’s products. Stock Prestige was then launched in Poland in 2007.

Using barley as its base, a six times distillation and cold-filtering process is used.

So how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Stock Prestige – 40%

Soft on the nose with a slight butter note coming through. Sharp on the palate with a good dose of barley creating a slight spiceness to the finish. Crisp, long and becoming dry.

Great chilled, but goes well with one of these too –



Glass – 


Ingredients –

60 ml Stock Prestige
15 ml Orange liqueur
15 ml Almond syrup
15 ml Freshly squeezed Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Method – 

Mix all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lime and a sugar rim.

Stock Prestige is an award-winning product too. Awarded by Belgian Superior Taste Award (Gold), Monde Selection Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago (Gold) and San Francisco World Spirits Competition (Silver) and also available in cranberry & lemon flavour variants. Worth a purchase if you ever come across.

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