The Polish brand of Toruńska offers to you today an inspired story on Nicolaus Capernicus, the famed astronomer from Torun. It’s known that Capernicus molded himself to become such a widely known name in this world, using his success in science and art to achieve. Toruńska too looks at this legacy, using Capernicus’ hometown as theContinue reading “Toruńska”


There’s a couple of brands that I’ve seen plenty of, yet just never got around to tasting and experiencing. One such brand that eluded my taste buds had a rather prominent display for a year or two in retailers, then seemed to drop off the radar a little. Now though, It has been re-launched, securingContinue reading “U’Luvka”


Grasovka was released into the UK at the tail end of last year, capitalizing on the bison vodka market. As any brand who wishes to be a part of the vodka trend, you have to stand out as unique, otherwise you fall into oblivion and end up being part of the forgotten depths. The categoryContinue reading “Grasovka”

Miodula Presidential Blend Tasting Notes

Miodula is a Polish brand that comes under the honey liqueur category, with vodka as its base. There’s many a honey flavour out in the market at the moment, with the resurgence of bourbon based brands including Jack Daniel’s and Wild Turkey taking over more established names like Krupnik. But Miodula has come straight fromContinue reading “Miodula Presidential Blend Tasting Notes”


A brand I’ve known of for a while determines itself as “Once you’ve tasted a Vestal Vodka you’ll probably never want to drink a commercial vodka again”. A rather bold statement their, but is it true? Let’s take a look. The Vestal Vodka Company is a father and son team, John and William. Wanting toContinue reading “Vestal”

Toast The Full Moon With The Zubrowka Night Owls Summer Punch

To celebrate this month’s full moon on 25th June, Zubrowka’s UK Brand Ambassador and cocktail connoisseur Pawel Rolka has conjured up an enchanting Full Moon Summer Punch. Curated to coincide with Zubrowka’s on-trade Night Owls programme, the Punch forms part of Zubrowka’s Full Moon cocktail offerings for 2013 – a collection of seasonal drinks toContinue reading “Toast The Full Moon With The Zubrowka Night Owls Summer Punch”

Stock Prestige Tasting Notes

A few years back a good friend of mine went back to her home in Poland for a few weeks. Upon her return she bought me a bottle of their premium vodka named Stock Prestige, and, as it only seems right to feature some of the lesser-known brands from around the world on this siteContinue reading “Stock Prestige Tasting Notes”

Konik’s Tail Tasting Notes

Everyone loves a good back story. Whether it’s a distillery that covered generations of the same family, to a humble no body who had a dream, or even just a nod to an experience in some one’s lives. The most dramatic sometimes are the legends. Take Konik’s Tail for example. One glance at their websiteContinue reading “Konik’s Tail Tasting Notes”

Davna Tasting Notes

A country loves a secret. Whether it’s a recipe handed down for generations or a production method that has stood the test of time, its origin country will be proud to say that they can firmly stamp their name alongside that brand. One such name is Davna. A Polish vodka that created from old-time recipesContinue reading “Davna Tasting Notes”

The Liquorists Belvedere Trail Review

Ever feel like having a night of luxury? A night of sophistication? Well last week Manchester showcased themselves with a brand that oozes these qualities and more with the ever elegant Belvedere and the ever knowledgeable and glamour of The Liquorists. The usual trait of five bars. five samples and five cocktails to indulge in,Continue reading “The Liquorists Belvedere Trail Review”