Blossom Syrups

Blossom Syrups

Syrups aren’t the most well advertised when it comes to the use of them within a bar. But the thing is, they should be, because they could make or break a drink, and indeed your experience within that bar. So with this in mind, it makes sense to showcase a brand that have got some of the UK’s finest bartenders creating many a great cocktail. I give to you Blossom Syrups.

Launched in 2010 by Aude Dupont Dudley, all of Blossom Syrups are produced in Southern England and use high quality fruit concentrate, inverted sugar and a drop of citric acid. They pride themselves on being completely natural, meaning no added aromas, preservatives or colours.

Consisting of an original range of Blackcurrant, Grenadine, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Strawberry and Raspberry, but now with added Pomegranate and the most recent flavour of Sour Cherry. But how do they fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes on each –

Blossom Pineapple

Rich, bold flavours of pineapple on the nose, with a sharp flavour on the palate. Plenty of pineapple hits each spot on a long finish.

Blossom Passionfruit

Deep flavours of passionfruit on the nose, with a quick sharp edge on the palate. Creates a lingering thin texture of passionfruit.

Blossom Pomegranate

Light and subtle on the nose, with the aromas carrying on to the palate. Creates a long flavour of pomegranate.

Blossom Sour Cherry

Bold notes of cherry on the nose, but light and subtle on the palate. Rather short.

Blossom Strawberry

Fresh, rich aromas of strawberry creating a bold nose. Sweet and powerful on the palate creating a long hit of strawberry.

Blossom SyrupsBlossom Raspberry

Lots of aromas of raspberry on the nose, creating a rich, bold reaction. A little sour on the palate, but packs a raspberry punch soon after. Short though.

Blossom Blackcurrant

Dark notes of blackcurrant on the nose, with lots of sweet aromas coming through. The sweetness lingers on the palate to create a rich, yet short offering.

Blossom Grenadine

Soft and subtle on the nose, with a slight sweetness present on the palate. A lingering flavour to finish.

Blossom Mango

Fresh, smooth mango on the nose, with a slight sweetness following. A bite of acidity on the palate, although fresh for a short finish.

A great range that adds depth to any cocktail. Say one of these * –

The Dutch Club
The Dutch Club

The Dutch Club

Glass –


Ingredients –

50 ml Bols Genever
35 ml Lemon Juice
25 ml Blossoms Raspberry Syrup
4 Turns Of Black Pepper
1 Egg White

Method –

Dry shake (without ice) & hard shake (with ice) all ingredients

A great use of the raspberry syrup! And wouldn’t go a miss in food recipes such as desserts, souffles, ice lollies and jellies, drizzled over ice creams, yoghurt’s, porridge, cheesecakes , added to flavour cakes and their icing, whipped cream but also in savoury recipes such as meat gravy, marinade and salad dressing. Worthy of having some at home, especially with these possibilities.

From my experience, you can’t go wrong with seeing Blossom Syrups on the bar, and especially if it is within your cocktail.

* Cocktail created by David Coveney of The Spirit Cellar

© David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog/sites author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to David Marsland and Drinks Enthusiast with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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